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Seeing Galaxy's Edge from the back really does say it all doesn't it?


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    Originally posted by brian11811 View Post
    Yeah, that does look pretty bad.
    DISNEY should have done Better Job.......
    When one can view , from in side the Park !
    Soaring like an EAGLE !


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      Still, all in all, massively better than if it were Six Flags' Galaxy Edge.

      The not-enough backspace RotR could use either tall plants or a taller wall edge along its top, but, RSR's angled backstage could still be covered up by removing everything else to the intersection of Katella/Harbor (yes, the motels too), and build a corresponding Marvel building that blocks the back of the ridgeline. There's plenty of room without the back road and motels in the way.


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        I don’t get it. The backstage areas of Indy, Pirates, Mansion, Space, even Small World are nicely and appropriately dressed and covered. It’s bizarre how almost the same Disney can do no wrong are almost the same that says this is of no concern..

        The backside of G E looks h o r r I b l e given that it’s at the parks main entrance and so completely visually from many many vantage points.

        This had to be a Chap-ax job. It looks cheap and horrible. And those who don’t think this was a budget cut think again. If it didn’t matter then why o why have so many of us taken note and why is there a active thread ? Because people care.