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Mickey's Toontown to get a total refresh


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    I always take WDWNT with a grain of salt when in comes to rumors but they have been spot on in the past. While most were disappointed nothing in the form of a Tomorrowland Redo was announced during D23, this article came out the same weekend and strangely was difficult to find on their site.

    They pegged a $600M pricetag which I'm afraid won't buy much these days considering a really good E-ticket can cost at least half that amount.

    Link shown on my subsequent post below. . .
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      With D23 Expo well underway, it's been a big weekend for news so far, and there's much more on the horizon, especially at Disneyland Resort, the place where it all began. We'll start out in Disneyland Park, where Toontown will be getting a total refresh in preparations for Mickey and Minnie's...


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        Originally posted by Bob Weaver View Post
        Maybe something similar to Dumbo's Circus Tent in Fantasyland at WDW.
        The Dumbo tent in Florida is wonderful, and it would be great to have something like that in Anahiem. We never will, though, because Anaheim won't install a simple slide if there isn't going to be a CM standing at the top.

        On our last trip (my first with a small kid), we noticed lots of families in the Dumbo tent who didn't even have a pager. That is, they weren't planning to go on the ride, they just needed a place where the kids could "get the wiggles out" (a phrase we overheard a mom say in that tent and have used ever since).

        That's one thing WDW in general does much better than DL (presumably because they have the space to). Between MK's Dumbo tent and Pooh queue (plus TSI), Epcot's future world pavilions, and AK's Boneyard, there are lots of places where you can just let the kids run "free" and blow off some steam without bothering anyone.


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          Mickey Toon town ,is not my cup of tea....
          But do feel ,there should be a area for the little one' enjoy !
          So with that mind...I for Toon Town getting, a new refreshing ......
          Soaring like an EAGLE !


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            From watching a video on Goofy's Playhouse here and then a video on Goofy's Paint 'n' Playhouse in Tokyo, I'm actually not sure, given the space for it, if the latter can fit physically fit in the former's space. Here's the video in question on the version in California:

            And here's the video in question on the version in Tokyo:

            As you can see, I think it looks relatively more spacious than Disneyland's version, and that's just from the exterior garden space. As with Donald's Boat, it would be quite difficult to work over there without impacting the area dramatically. I would love to know how they will refresh the whole land, because my guess it will include Donald and Goofy's respective residences in some way.
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