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Baby Pic announcement ideas!


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  • [Chat] Baby Pic announcement ideas!

    My husband and I are expecting, and we want to take baby announcement pictures at Disneyland this weekend. We aren’t hiring a photographer but I thought you folks might have some cute picture ideas!

    my first thought is a pair of embroidered ears which say “baby arriving March 2020” and us kissing in the background with the castle.

    gimme your thoughts/ideas!
    :ap: Next DL trip is in 2 WEEKS!!!!! :ap:

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    The shot I've seen before and thought was really cute was of the parents looking at the castle, taken from behind them (so you see, from left to right, parent 1's back, the castle, and parent 2's back). Each parent holds one ear of a kids' ear hat (embroidery optional) with their arms all the way down, so the hat is hovering at a "kid" height directly in front of the castle.

    I hope that made sense!

    A quick google or pinterest search for "disneyland baby announcement photo" will also provide you with LOTS of ideas.


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      We took quite a few pictures like this for ours last year. This isn't the final shot we went with but everyone seemed to love it.

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        What if you guys looked like you were holding up a pair of fast pass tickets, but up close, the tickets were your baby announcement? I don’t have any photoshop skills but if you know someone who does, this would be cute!

        Congratulations on your baby!


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