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BPB Balls...


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  • BPB Balls...

    I'm just curious, how many of you out there like to collect the colorful balls from Block Party Bash? And if you do, how many do you have so far?

    I'm amazed at the number of people who eagerly await the release of those balls and will dive for them! Especially if you're at the end of the parade route, when they throw the last bucket of balls over the gate.

    See you at the Bash! :clap:

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    Re: BPB Balls...

    I have one red one.

    I want more!
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      Re: BPB Balls...

      I have a blue ball, and my brother has a green one.

      :yea: :yea: !!!!!!!!!!!!BLOCK PARTY!!!!!!!! :yea: :yea:



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        Re: BPB Balls...

        I don't have any! They shot out like 3 last time I saw it.


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          Re: BPB Balls...

          I don't have any... yet. Hehe. One of the ball shooters on the Toy Story float had problems today and made really loud noises for awhile with nothing coming out but then it just moved on. Oh well... I'll try to get one eventually. I really love this show.. it's even better when you get pulled up to dance :yea:
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            Re: BPB Balls...

            we have one yellow one so far


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              Re: BPB Balls...

              Two yellow, and two blue....thanks to DLCM!
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                Re: BPB Balls...

                One yellow..... but I would like a red! I want to use it as an antenna ball.
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