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How difficult is it still to get the Batuuan Spira gift card?


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  • How difficult is it still to get the Batuuan Spira gift card?

    Heading to Disneyland later this month, going to be my first time back since Galaxy's Edge opened. I remember reading articles at the beginning about how hard it was to get the Batuuan Spira Gift card. You had to be there right at the rope drop, run to a specific store first, and they only gave a few out each day. Anyone recently try to get one, and if so, how hard was it? I'd love some tips as to how to make sure I can get one.


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    Last time I went they were available. It was about a month ago. They were
    no longer at the Droid Depot, though.
    They were at the First Order shop. I heard they were discontinued but then I heard they were back in stock after the announcement that they were discontinued. Good luck,


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      I just got one on Saturday, 10/26, at Droid Depot around 3 PM. There seemed to be plenty at the register.

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        They do not limit the amount they sell each day. You will likely have no trouble getting one. They seem to alternate where they sell them - when I got one in July, they were only available at the Resistance store, but I have since seen them at Droid Depot some days and Dok Ondar's other days. Just ask at each store and the cast members will tell you where to go.


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