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    Originally posted by Nemo123 View Post
    Anyone else find it odd that its easier for them to update an old ride than a brand new state of the art smugglers run ride that is the same experience over and over. I'm really hoping they can have different missions for smugglers run one day. if not Star Tours might outlast it.
    Star Tours new mission is being paid for by the marketing budget for Ep 9. Where as Falcon has no more budget left. However it is also more expensive to make a Falcon mission.


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      I was in the park in October and I had two scenes from when the ride was originally refreshed—Wookie Planet and also the Underwater city. The holograms were BB-8 and Finn which was pretty cool. I don't remember how one ended, but the other was a crash water landing before having a spacecraft smash through the front window.
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