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Is anyone else having issues linking their Annual Pass to the Disneyland App?


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  • [Question] Is anyone else having issues linking their Annual Pass to the Disneyland App?

    Hello fellow Mice Chaters I noticed about a week ago my AP dropped off my Disneyland app and when I went to relink it, it simply gave me a "We're having trouble getting ticket and pass information right now. Please try again." I have tried multiple time daily and it keeps giving me this message. I have tried with other family members passes and on a different device and all comes back with the same message. Then I come to find out this has also happened to 2 other families that we know same issue one has had it like this for over a month. The other concern is when I went to book online it also would not show on my account and when I tried to add it it said it could not because it was already added yet it also said I did not have an AP attached to my account?!?!

    I am planning on calling today sometime when I get a chance but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this lately?

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    I just checked my AP and I still see mine. i'm on Android Pixel 2
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      Originally posted by biggsworth View Post
      I just checked my AP and I still see mine. i'm on Android Pixel 2
      Hmm good to note the hardware. Of the three families that I know if having the problem 2 have various Gen iPhones and the third has a Samsung Phone though I am not sure the model or which Android OS it's running.


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        Called CS and it was due to the billing card having been hacked. About a month ago my bank had noticed the attempt at fraud and contacted me via phone/email/post to let me know a new card would arrive within 48 hours and my current debit card was now deactivated. I always thought the AP had to be on a credit card so the hacked card being a debit I did not think it was the same one that was linked to my AP... I was wrong. Interestingly enough though my friends who are having the same problem did not have this issue with their billing card to still curious what's causing their issues.


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