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Where to have Character Dinning?


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  • [Question] Where to have Character Dinning?

    Hello everyone!! So we decided going to Disneyland Resort arriving May 1st 2020 and leaving the 5th. We are hitting the parks from may the 2nd (saturday) to 4th (monday) no park Hopper. My question is: Do you recommend having breakfast with characters (Plaza Inn) on a day inside the park, or is it better to have dinner on Goofys Kitchen the day we arrive park free? Thanks!!

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    I'd recommend it on a day you don't visit the parks, such as breakfast at Goofy's or Storyteller's on your departure day or lunch/dinner on your arrival. Eating breakfast in the park will waste that morning golden time when lines are lowest.

    Plaza Inn seems to get the lowest marks of all the character breakfasts. I like Goofy's myself. It's pricey and nothing special -- I mostly go there out of nostalgia -- but it's good enough. Will be trying out Storyteller's for the first time soon. The low-key option is over at Paradise Pier. I hear they revamped the place, but since it's out of the way, it's not as crowded as the others. Whatever you choose, make sure to make reservations.


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      I would do Goofy's Kitchen we always love that one and i would do it on a non park day as suggested above. Even without kids in our group of friends we have a blast at that one over the others.
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        If it's for the kids then I recommend Goofy's Kitchen. We did it years ago when my kids had just turned 5 and they loved it the characters where plenty and they all really spend sometime with the kids. The food also was also a very kid friendly buffet.

        Storytellers was also good better food if I remember but not as many characters and I think it might have been more to be honest.

        I think character dining is only available for breakfast at the Plaza Inn, but I second what others have said though and not to waste too much time on breakfast. Especially with kids that is their prime time of the day that is better spent hustling around to low lines and then save the sit down for lunch or dinner. As parents you will be sitting there watching waves of people waling past just envisioning the lines getting longer n your head. Plus taking kids to sit down at lunch or dinner will give them a chance to recharge for the evening.

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          I'd recommend -

          Storyteller Café
          at the
          Disney's Grand Californian
          they have great breakfast
          ...IMO the best
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            Definitely a day you're not in the parks and Goofy's Kitchen for sure. Storyteller's is really nice, but it's not nearly as exciting and fun for smaller kids as Goofy's. At Goofy's the characters come in to music and do a little dance walking around. It's far more fun for kids. You'll get a picture with Goofy when you first check in, then you'll usually see Minnie, Chip, Dale, & Pluto. Plaza Inn I haven't eaten at, but it seems to have more rare characters if that's what you're looking for. But spending an hour or two on breakfast during prime park hours is hard for me to consider.


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              I would recommend Goofy's Kitchen as well, In my opinion it has the best food and the dance program they do is really fun for the kids. I also like story tellers the food is a little more basic but very good and the characters are the "forest friends" so if your kids are into autographs a lot of the characters cannot give autographs do to the lack of thumbs. I would avoid the plaza inn with all your might, while it is a good breakfast and has a wide variety of Characters it is total chaos and every problem we have ever had, from characters skipping our table, only seeing 2 characters in an hour, and having to wait 45 minutes to get seated with a reservation were at the Plaza Inn.
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