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Holiday Traditions from Around the World to “it’s a small world”


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  • News Holiday Traditions from Around the World to “it’s a small world”

    ANAHEIM, Calif. — For many guests, a visit to the Disneyland Resort during the holidays includes a “must-do” trip around the world to experience the traditions and holidays of different cultures at “it’s a small world” Holiday.

    Guests embark on a voyage around the world as “it’s a small world” Holiday – now in its 23rd season – is transformed from the classic attraction. In this beloved holiday attraction overlay, the children of the world spread holiday cheer as they don seasonal costumes and share the holiday spirit. Singing familiar holiday tunes, along with the catchy “It’s a Small World (After All)” theme, the children come together to show that this season is a time for unity and celebrating traditions.

    To make this holiday season more merry and bright, Disney FastPass is available for this attraction. Guests will enjoy “it’s a small world” Holiday from Nov. 8, 2019, through Jan. 6, 2020. Fun Facts:

    • New this year, guests will experience three immersive scents as they embark on the happiest cruise that ever sailed. In Asia, guests will enjoy the beautiful fragrance of the cherry blossom. South America adds a classic holiday cinnamon scent, while the South Seas bring tropical flair with the smell of coconut to go along with the hundreds of iridescent bubbles floating through the air. These fun new additions join the scents of fresh pine and peppermint candy that guests know and love in the European scenes.
    • 50,000 lights are used to illuminate the façade of “it’s a small world” Holiday with an additional 350,000 mini-lights brightening the trees, hedges and animal topiaries surrounding the attraction in whimsical Fantasyland. The plaza around the attraction adds to the holiday magic as thousands of additional lights decorate the shops and food kiosks to create a holiday fantasy.
    • No holiday season would be complete without the classic decorations featured at “it’s a small world” Holiday including colorful garland, festive poinsettias and international holiday wreaths.
    • After dark, the smiling clock at the front of “it’s a small world,” decked out in a Santa hat, reveals a sparkling projection show. Multiple times each night, the brightly light façade of the attraction is transformed into an enormous clockwork mechanism with advanced 3D-projection technology. The gears and springs pull back to reveal a world of holiday wonders hidden behind the whimsical clock.
    • Guests enjoy a voyage through 10 scenes inspired by locations around the globe, with each one showcasing unique cultural holiday traditions from Europe, Africa and Asia, making this “The Merriest Attraction on ”
    • In the European scenes, 150 giant candles decorate the Christmas tree and surrounding areas to create a warm holiday glow. The once common Western European tradition of lighting candles has inspired the custom of stringing lights to Christmas trees, a practice common today for families around the world.
    • The 14-foot snowman featured in the finale of the attraction is made of glimmering crystal snowflakes that leave guests with a twinkle in their eyes. The snowman, who sparkles with thousands of luminous lights, adds to the holiday magic as he sits atop a 10-foot-wide snowflake and holds a gleaming “icicle” sign that spells out “Happy Holidays” in colors that change as guests drift
    • The iconic music of “it’s a small world,” written by the legendary Sherman Brothers, is enhanced during the holiday season with classic holiday caroling favorites “Jingle Bells” and “Deck the
    • Many languages of the world can be heard serenading guests, with cheerful tunes in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Scandinavian languages. Festive signs and banners throughout the attraction spread holiday greetings in such dialects as French Canadian, Dutch, Asante and Hawaiian.
    • Holiday “elves” at the Disneyland Resort help to spread the holiday magic by transforming “it’s a small world” Holiday each year. It takes a talented and dedicated team of nearly a dozen cast members 35 days to install the glittering façade, while approximately two dozen cast members spend 18 days decorating the holiday attraction’s dazzling
    • Almost all of the holiday props and scenic elements seen in “it’s a small world” Holiday are stored inside the attraction throughout the year.
    • When guests use the Play Disney Parks mobile app* and ride “it’s a small world” Holiday, they have the opportunity to earn a limited-time digital achievement for the seasonal overlay.
    Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends , is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives.

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    My life's purpose, to this day, has been to earn a limited-time digital achievement,

    Other than that,sounds fun!


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      Cool I like when they enhance things. We always go on this NYE/New Days at 1:55 am LOL when we go to NYE.
      These are some of my favorite TRs I have posted

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        Really looking forward to this one too. The scents sound like a nice addition. IASW-H is the one ride I sometimes don't mind standing in a long line for because of the beautiful lights and frequent light shows.


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          I finally got to ride IASW Holiday, a few years back. Worth the wait and ride!

          The only downside, was how packed the area would gets at night. Granted, this was back in 2015, before Project Stardust.
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            Originally posted by HiddenMickey87 View Post
            My life's purpose, to this day, has been to earn a limited-time digital achievement,

            Other than that,sounds fun!
            "a limited-time digital achievement is all I need... well, and this lamp, a limited-time digital achievement and this lamp is all I need... well and this..." - Navin Johnson
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              "It's a Small World Holiday"

              Sound real nice
              "with the season's greetings" "Let the Memories Begin"
              This version of the overlay I'm for................
              Soaring like an EAGLE !


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                “A catchy theme”: I remember once riding the Columbia ship and when the trip ended, one of the CMs said to be sure and collect our children. “ Otherwise they’d take them over to It’s a Small World and teach them that horrible, horrible song”. I guess that CM was training to be a Jungle Cruise skipper.


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