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Is the disneyland and Disneyworld websites down for a reason?


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  • Is the disneyland and Disneyworld websites down for a reason?

    Both sites are currently not found on all browsers . and all return servers IP address not found.

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    To cover up ROR problems
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      Disney's IT is notoriously horrendous. It was no surprise to anyone when Disney+ crashed on opening day.


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        Horrendous is the word
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          I had the same problem last night. It was probably some scheduled backend maintenance that unintentionally went wrong.


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            Perhaps Uncle Cheapie decided to save money and not pay the computer know, part of the cost-cutting that's so prevalent these days.........


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              If I remember, they replaced a bunch of IT people with others from a foreign country and made the existing people train the new (and cheaper) ones. I wonder if this has anything to do with the present problems.........


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                Disney has been known for excellence in a lot of various things over the decades but I have never heard them mentioned as any type of technical wizard when it comes to the digital realm. They seems to constantly fail when it comes to digital teams working together from different sources of which they seem more then happy to smash together. In short the left often does not know what the right is doing and why is there suddenly a third hand and wait who's hand is that now and holy moly don't touch tha....

                Remember this is the same company that for almost a year had coasters on a collision course in the illustration for what is now the Incredicoaster.
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