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Where to find "real" Mac 'n' Cheese at Disneyland Resort?


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  • [Question] Where to find "real" Mac 'n' Cheese at Disneyland Resort?

    A bit of an odd question, but our toddler has a huge love of Mac 'n' Cheese. That said, he is picky about his mac 'n' cheese. Back in June we traveled to Walt Disney World and discovered that nearly every restaurant had the same mac 'n' cheese: flavorless and using a very "plastic-y" velveeta type cheese sauce. Not only did we not care for it, but our toddler refused to eat it. We found only one place (Flametree Barbecue in Animal Kingdom) with real, restaurant style mac 'n' cheese--and he loved it! (Honestly, we did too) Fast forward to now: we are going to Disneyland in less than two weeks and I'd love to know of any restaurants that have something other than the flavorless, plastic mac 'n' cheese. Thanks in advance!!!

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    There is a plethora of good, specialty mac and cheese at the resort. I found so many options I'm sure at least one will satisfy. I haven't actually tried any of these myself, but the skillet mac and cheese sounds good enough for me to try it the next time I go back. But in all seriousness, Disneyland has really stepped up their food quality in recent years and I would say you can't really go wrong with anything as long as you don't get the basic toddler/kids versions.

    The more basic versions are the following:
    • There's the toddler meal, called "Yummy Cheesy Macaroni" for $4.49 at the Tomorrowland restaurants.
    • Throughout New Orleans Square you can find a generic kids/"Mickey's" mac and cheese for about $9.00. You can also find at the Carnation Cafe if you want a side of broccoli for him.
    As for specialty mac and cheese in Disneyland proper, you do have some other options:
    • The Refreshment Corner on Main Street has a mac and cheese hot dog for $8.49 or mac and cheese with bacon bits in a sourdough bread bowl for $11.49.
    • The Golden Horseshoe has mac and cheese bites that resemble poppers, either topped with chili or vegetarian for $8.49.
    • Pluto's Dog House in Toontown has a hot dog with bacon mac and cheese for $9.99.
    • The Harbour Galley has lobster mac and cheese for $12.49.
    • The River Belle Terrace serves skillet mac and cheese with 3 types of cheese, brisket and fried onions for $22.00(!)
    In DCA, you've got some great choices too:
    • At the Favorite Things Festival of the Holidays booth, you can get holiday stuffing mac and cheese for $7.75. I love these booths and though the portions are small the food is actually pretty decently flavored.
    • Cone 3 at the Cozy Cone Motel has bacon mac and cheese in a bread cone for $8.99.
    • Pacific Wharf Cafe has plain mac and cheese in a bread bowl for $11.49.
    • Smokejumpers Grill has signature mac and cheese that comes with spicy green chile, corn bread, chipotle crema, and pork belly for $12.49.
    In Downtown Disney, a couple restaurants have variants:
    • Earl of Sandwich and La Brea Bakery have some mac and cheese on their menu of various prices.
    • Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen has blackened chicken mac and cheese, but it seems like more of an elaborate pasta for $28.50.
    • Catal has a side of bacon mac and cheese you can order, or a kid's mac and cheese that comes with your choice of dressing (marinara, butter, oil, etc.).


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      Jazz kitchen one mentioned above is amazing but I wouldn't consider it for your kid probably. We get that once a trip minimum.
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        I can't speak of places to go, but I wanted to say that the Hungry Bear restaurant probably isn't what you're looking for. My son had their Toddler Mac & Cheese and wasn't a fan, even though he eats most mac n cheese.


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          Any of the counter service places that serve the kids meal mac n cheese will be the generic velveeta like cheese. Best bet for real mac n cheese is any of the sit down restaurants. Lamplight lounge has mac n cheese (haven't ordered this one) and Carthay Circle has pasta with butter & cheese, marinara or Alfredo sauce.


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            You can get lobster mac n cheese at Steakhouse 55
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              Thanks, all. Alec: thanks for typing all of that up! We figure the standard counter service places like Hungry Bear will be bad, but appreciate being pointed to possible better options. You never know, Flame Tree Barbecue is just a counter service window and we were all surprised the mac 'n' cheese was as good as it turned out to be!


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                I really like the mac n cheese bites at Golden Horseshoe, mentioned above. They bread and fry the mac n cheese like a nugget and serve it with a little chili (apparently you can get it veg as well). It's delicious!
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