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    Originally posted by nickdean707 View Post

    Yes, the threads are about all sorts of great topics. Yet somehow, Chapek somehow gets brought into ALL of them. I could spend about five minutes and find probably over 30 posts in the last week that mention his name. As for the poster, it was on this thread, I'm assuming she deleted that post when she deleted her account. I'm sure she didn't feel super great how people started responding that her positive experience meant NOTHING because Chapek is "Ruining the value and experience of the parks" and insinuating/joking that the hug she got from Chapek was sexual harassment.
    This is what MiceChat has become and this is why many have found greener pastures elsewhere. A few posters here with strong opinions dominate these boards and turn every single thread into a referendum on corporate management. It's boring and simplistic and it's why I rarely check in anymore. Cheers!


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      Originally posted by Westsider View Post

      In May and June of 2012 there was no ability for CM's not on the Cars Land Test & Adjust team to pick up a paid shift to test ride Racers.

      There was some sporadic ridership offered in May for Cars Land opening crew CM's from Foods and Stores - in addition to the usual daily test ridership of Cars Land Attractions CM's. And then in the last week or so before June 15th there were a few All-Calls placed for open ridership - but CM's had to come on their own time or be released by their area management. TDA arrived in huge numbers in the Timon parking lot - I worked a few of those days and rode Racers a few times during the All-Calls and remember specifically all the TDA people abandoning their desks.

      Never before has a system been put in place where any DLR CM can pick up a paid shift to test ride a new attraction. That's new for SW:GE and Rise.
      CM's are being paid for the RoTR previews because they are required to devote a whole day to riding it. It's not only the ride being tested but the boarding group system which will likely be implemented once it opens to the public. That system requires a lot of free time. I feel like you should know this?


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