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Refurb Shennanigans?


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  • Refurb Shennanigans?

    Winter time (the off season) is the normal time for refurbishments at Disneyland. I would like to plan for a date where refurbs are at a minimum but I also get to see ROTR soon. I'm sure ROTR will be a huge success on its own, but I couldn't help wonder if the coincidental timing of the refurbs elsewhere in the park help ensure longer lines for ROTR and improve the smashing success perception?!?! Am I pushing conspiracy level thoughts, or does anyone think there might be some merit here?


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    The returns seen normal to me. I believe they held back in ROTR to make sure it's smoother then it could have been premiering it during the holidays.
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      I think you're overthinking this one a bit, friend.
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        Ride Refurbishments are common after the holidays, as its' the 'off season'. The only Refurbishments that is a little out of the ordinary, is IASW Holiday and Haunted Mansion Mansion Holiday. IASW is going down instantly, instead waiting til January.

        This is likely because HM's refurbishment(which is later this January)will be longer than its normal downtime, hence the date swap.

        It appears work will be done for HM's facade, which was damaged by the Christmas/Halloween decor. I wouldn't be surprised, if they broke out the tarps early(similar to the ToT closure), while the ride is still open. That way, they can get a head start on the work.
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          I think March is your best bet to get in after the crowds calm from the ROTR surge ( if any ) many refurbs will be completed and you will be getting in before the spring vacationers start converging on the parks in April.
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            No it doesn't appear to be anything shady on Disney's part. Just the normal refurb schedule. After the holiday season is normally when refurbs are scheduled because in many years past the crowds were lower.


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