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  • Christmas Dinner Disneyland

    Hi all,

    Hoping the community can help me out. We have booked the week prior to Christmas including Christmas Day and Boxing Day for next year. Family is very excited, first time down with three generations, including my sister and her bf.

    We know it's gonna be busy, but just gonna take it in stride, we will have five+ days in the park to putter around and do what we want. It has been hard to nail down the heaviest crowds at this time, I have read that Christmas day itself can be incredibly busy often closing due to capacity. Anyone able to confirm this? Due to this we are looking at staying out of the parks that day and just relaxing.

    Which brings me to Christmas dinner itself. I have read the offerings, though they seem to be hard to find online. Disney, for example, does not have menus or anything for that day even this past holiday season. Has anyone had Christmas dinner at the resort before? Suggestions? I am partial to Storyteller's, wondering if they have a bit of a special menu or is it the standard fare at the buffet for dinner? (Which isn't that bad). We will have two smaller kids, so while I would not normally say no to Napa Rose I am looking for something a bit more family friendly in DTD. Price is not really a concern at all, just looking for the best experience for the whole family and something that feels like Christmas.

    Thanks in advance.

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    never knew they did that. if they even do that. you can probably go to one of the big restaurants and see if they have a holiday menu or offer christmas menu.


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