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What does "Disney magic" mean to you?


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  • [Chat] What does "Disney magic" mean to you?

    I'm curious What does "Disney magic" mean to you? Do you/have you experienced it? Can you define or describe it? Maybe share an anecdote/example?

    FOR ME, the magic is in the people: interactions with CMs and other guests. I walk around with a happy, open face (how could I not?), and everyone greets me in the same way (well, all the CMs anyway, but even most of the other guests). Character interactions are always magical for me, but my most magical moments have probably been with the non-character CMs who go out of their way to enjoy a moment for a smile or a conversation.

    I know/suspect that other people have different ideas about this, and I'd love to hear about them! Some people go for the rides, some enjoy the little details, some enjoy the shows, some enjoy the churros and Dole whips, etc. I love them all, and I suppose any of these things can be part of the magic if you love them enough, right? Those Mickey beignets in NOS are pretty magical now that I think about it...

    My favorite example probably comes from my first visit, my 40-somethingth birthday, when the Dapper Dans saw my 'happy birthday' button and invited me out of the crowd to sing a birthday song with them. I was so overwhelmed that had to sit down on the curb and just breathe for a few minutes afterwards LOL. Or maybe when my DH got to play the Maple Leaf Rag on the Main Street piano (he had been practicing for months, and the CM was sooo nice, he insisted on him playing it), or the time he and I were literally chased down by a Disney photographer for a 'private' photo-op on Buena Vista street (we were Disney-bounding as Roger and Jessica Rabbit, and looked pretty fun if I may say so myself LOL. We got photo-bombed by the Cop! ). DLR always makes me feel so happy. Maybe I'm making my own magic?

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    Originally posted by MrGoat View Post
    Maybe I'm making my own magic?
    From your profile pic I'd say that is a YES but an attentive CM will see your enthusiasm and capitalize on it, making it better. Like Maynard photo-bombing your family at the Tiki Room.

    Disney Magic for me is the attention to details. Walking through Knott's or Six Flags is fun but not an "experience". The rides are good at all the parks but Disneyland has a way of pulling you in to the world. I feel that way all over the park except Tomorrowland, maybe because I'm old enough to remember when it was awesome.

    So, yes, immersion in a theme is my Disney Magic. I'm in the bayou while on POTC, I'm in a Haunted Mansion, The Princess did just wave at me, and I have traveled to a planet "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...."
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      For me the definition of Disney Magic In the parks is ever changing.

      When I was a kid, it was the ability Disney has in making the impossible seem plausible before my eyes. Floating through the middle of a huge pirate battle, riding a doom buggy through a ‘real’ Haunted Mansion, submarine adventures, and seeing R2-D2 and C-3p0 in real life. All of these experiences gave me a foundational belief in what was possible at Disneyland.

      As an adult, what really brought the magic back for me was seeing the same wonder and excitement I had as a kid in my own children’s eyes. It was something. Truly special.

      As my kids have gotten older, the magic has once again changed into something else entirely.

      Part of it is nostalgia for the memories and experiences I have had there over the years and the familiar joy reliving them brings to me.
      Part is the interactions I have with cast members that remind me how special a place it is. Birthday greetings I’ve received when I’ve made it there to celebrate. The fun and imaginative ways they bring up my ‘now discontinued’ Goofy hat (the bootstrappers band once congratulated me on slaying a half dog half man beast from the land of Disney and wearing its head as a hat, other times I hear about how ‘goofy’ my hat looks 😁). Stormtroopers challenging me over my Resistance coat with rebel logo. It’s even more fun now interacting with characters then it was before.
      Another part is how walking under the train tracks on Main Street still makes the outside world disappear in my head for a time. All the stress and deadlines, adulting, can be left at the gate and I can just have fun and enjoy the day. That’s pretty magical if you ask me.

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        This just happened to me at WDW. There was a marathon that really messed up transportation. Darth Wife and I were trying to get from the Contemporary to HS with no buses running and no direct boat service. (only joggers were running lol) The major problem was cast members didn't know which direction to send you, only directing you away from them. So we ended up in Epcot and are being fed all kinds of false info. (take a bus, buses aren't running, go ask that guy over there, etc.) So the Darth Wife takes charge and says," Let's head for the boats." As we pass France we see the boat leaving. My hopes are crushed and my day ruined. We get to the launch and a CM asks me,"Why the long face?", and I unloaded on the poor guy. He says,"I'm Captain Dave and that's my boat over there. Go get on and I will personally take you to HS." After a zoinks moment we hop on his boat. He gives us a guided tour of the water ways. He stops, takes some photos for us and takes us to HS. Now get this. He pulls the front of his boat up to the side of the regular transportation boat, drops a gang plank and we walk off Captain Dave's boat and across the other boat, waving to all the passengers who are like WTF, who are these people? And off we go to HS without missing any ressies or FP times. Captain Dave rocks proving there is still Disney Magic!
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          For me, it's being 63 and being able to act 10 again and no one cares..........

          There's something special about allowing myself to become immersed in the overall park experience that simply cannot be explained.


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            It’s the memories created by being in the park with people you hold dear to: family, friends, the people who are sharing Disneyland with you. It’s like everyone around you has become family. It can be challenging when the crowds become humongous; still there’s always a break in the crowd where things can be calmed.

            As an example at my daughter and my most recent visit, we were in the Soarin’ queue. A mother and her very excited young son got in line behind us. It was the boy’s first time on Soarin’ and couldn’t keep his enthusiasm hidden. Finally we were seated on our lifts and the boy couldn’t hold it any longer and began to ask daughter a few questions. Then it was my turn as the boy asked how many times I‘be been on Soarin’. I calmly replied that this was my 100th time. He just calmly told his mother about what he heard. I added that one day, he’ll get to 100 rides too. That was the moment we connected. The ride started soon after with the boy pointing out things to his mother and to my daughter and me. Daughter did the same. At ride’s end, we gave our goodbyes and parted our ways. I’ll have fond memories of that Soarin’ experience for quite a while.

            I am old. But still love Disneyland.


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              Simple moment........... get away from stress of daily life for short while
              I think of Tom Sawyer Island
              Just having a drink in one hand ,and a dill pickle in the other
              sitting on a rock ,under a shady tree......
              near the River of America , and watching the River Boats passing by.......
              I find that so relaxing !

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                Originally posted by micromind View Post
                For me, it's being 63 and being able to act 10 again and no one cares..........

                There's something special about allowing myself to become immersed in the overall park experience that simply cannot be explained.
                Hear hear!!! FWIW, we don't just act like we're 10 again....we ARE 10 again!

                And all those aches and pains that come with, ahem, 'maturity' seem to melt away, too. It's amazing to me how much pep gets in my step the minute I step through the turnstiles.

                As I've mentioned before I've been going to the parks since I was a babe in arms in 1955. Disney Magic is bound up in my earliest childhood memories. The magic is that those memories of yesterday come flooding back and become a real part of today's adventure whenever I'm in the Parks.

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                  For me its mostly the nostalgia of the past. Today I find the parks experience has diminished a lot from prior years but I still enjoy walking into the parks and hearing the background music and seeing many of the same sights I saw many years ago.


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                    "Disney Magic": What was the beauty, art, reassurance, optimism, connection with inner child, joy, surprise, laughter, resonant themes, timelessness, transformation, escape, triumph of good over evil, fears conquered, nostalgia, futurism, character insight, satire, comedy, romance, innovation, imagination, absurdism, color, music, happiness, celebration of nature, patriotism, drama, fantasy, adventure, fun and wonder of Walt Disney's personal works (animation, live-action, television, Disneyland). "Look to the name Walt Disney for the finest in family entertainment."
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                      Disney magic really is the whole thing put together. From going through the gate getting greeted by CMs walking down Main Street and heading off to an attraction. The sounds smells and movement of DL are like no other place on Earth for me. Even DCA doesn't move me this way so nostalgia plays into it a lot. Now one thing I do as I am a huge Walt fan is I always reflect on his presence in the park as I am walking around the parts I know he was in. A trip to the park isn't always about how many attractions I can get on but it is about taking it all in and just enjoying the overall show. That creates my own magic. If you find yourself a little upset because it is crowded just walk in a store and greet the first CM you see and ask how their day is!!!
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                        - My maternal Grandmother who helped raise me past away 5 years ago... When I ride IASW she is still in the boat with me laughing hysterically at the hula dancers.

                        - My Father past away 2 years ago...He took me to every Star Wars movie since A New Hope and when I walk up to the Millennium Falcon he is standing there in awe just like I am.

                        - When I was a kid in the 70/80's going to Disneyland was always my request for my birthday some years we could afford but most years we could not. My wife grew up in Orange and was able to go even less, so when we go we often just stare at each other and smile simply because "we are in Disneyland". Now my family has AP's and being able to pop in for short trips and not having to stress about putting in a long day to "get my moneys worth" makes the experience even more special because we can just enjoy what we enjoy and there no stress about riding x. y. or z.

                        - My last trips as a teen were always with a couple of friends we'd either get dropped off with a pre determined return time where we had to be outside the turnstiles for pick up or we went with parents and just met back up through out the day at pre-determined rendezvous points. I am still close to these friends to this day and remember vividly when we ran all over the park sprinting from Mtn. ride to Mtn. ride, stopping to take in all of Tomorrowland during the day and then again at night. We never stopped to eat just grabbed a churro or a corndog to take with us in line etc. Those couple of trips are some of my happiest childhood memories.

                        - After a 15+ year hiatus my wife and I took our girls for their 5th birthday and the first day they both were in near shock the entire time with mouths agape with one surprise after another. When a character would acknowledge their wave they would light up like the just met their favorite celebrity. 6 years later they are not as impressed but still it is a place where we can spend the entire day together with no phones, TV's or distractions where a long line just means more quality time together to chat about life etc.

                        - During the last 6 years I have gone through multiple layoff's and am currently at a less than desirable job so when I am inside those berms the real world disappears and all my stress with it. No structure is like the regular world so I am never feeling like a part of anything other that this magical park for all ages. Work doesn't exist, the 405 and hour commute doesn't exist, calories do not exist with all the walking I eat whatever and still seem to lose a pound each time I go.

                        - The people watching is like no other place on the planet, Disneyland is truly a no judgment bubble and people let their personalities come out like nowhere else in their attire. Not everything is everyone's cup of tea but it's still great to see people being free to be so creative. I can find myself standing in line or sitting on the DLRR and I never find myself bored.

                        - I can walk all day and am so distracted I barely notice how tired my legs are it's like I get a boost of energy giving me endless stamina as a recently middle aged man I enjoy this fountain of youth effect even if it is only temporary and a bit of a placebo I will take it.

                        Those are some of the reasons Disneyland is a magical place for me and why I still find myself willing to drink in the Disney Magic.

                        It is also why I am outspoken when I see management willing to erode these experiences for the sake of profit, robbing my children from possibly having the same nostalgia one day.

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                          Big Magic at Disneyland
                          Is MICKEY MOUSE........
                          I never forget my first family trip to the park 1959
                          and the highlight was meeting Mickey Mouse for first time.........
                          Now my JOY is watching little ones ,getting same smiles on there face's
                          60ty years later....
                          Soaring like an EAGLE !


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                            So I was shopping at the grocery store this very early morning, just me and the checker talking about how the 49ers were going to win the superbowl....but not once during the conversation did she say "welcome back".......Dec 9th 2019, super crowded monday night at Disneyland, I love all the detail of snowwhite, i board immediately for a second time with my rare mickey mouse leather pilot helmet and the busy CM said "welcome back"....Disney magic has always welcomed me back!!!


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