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SoCall ticket deal - Can I use 2 tickets on the same day?


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  • SoCall ticket deal - Can I use 2 tickets on the same day?

    Can I use 2 of the 3 SoCal special tickets on the same day to visit both parks? If so, are the tickets (plus a handstamp) good for re-entry so I could move freely between parks? Back when I had an annual pass I'd move between the parks multiple times per day to take advantage of FastPasses, parades, and shows.

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    Usually the fine print forbids this. They also do not issue hand stamps anymore, as they take everybody’s photo.


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      If you mean can you use 2 days of the 3 day-1 park ticket, meaning you are using the same physical ticket on the same day to enter both parks, I would expect they'd have something that would catch that and you'd be told it's a no-no. That's why it's specified as a 1 park per day ticket. But if you mean you have 2 of the Cal tickets and you use 1 day from each ticket, no I don't think they'd catch that. But I agree that that's probably prohibited too and certainly wouldn't be cost effective.

      I'd just pony up the extra $55 for a hopper. It's not worth the worry about getting stopped at the turnstile.
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