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Structure vs Lion King


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  • Structure vs Lion King

    Okay its hot and a head over to Disneyland...but which parking lot do you you head to the less crowded flat Timon Parking lot off of Harbor..or head over to the most common spot..the Structure?
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    Re: Structure vs Lion King

    If it's hot... I head to M&F... because it has shade.... and my car has no air conditioner.
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      Re: Structure vs Lion King

      I prefer the structure. Everytime I park in Timon I have a hard time catching a tram that isn't already full by the time it makes it to my stop.


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        Re: Structure vs Lion King

        Agreed. The Timon trams seem to run 1/4th as often, though it does hold about 1/4th the people.

        Then there is the unfortunate occurance of heading to Timon and finding out it is closed. You then start the long journey to the M&F structure, all the while dreading the huge crowds at the tram stop at closing. :!$#%:
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          Re: Structure vs Lion King

          Structure all the way. Though getting stuck in the back corner really sucks, especially when you're heading back to your car at the end of the day.

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            Re: Structure vs Lion King

            i've finally resigned myself to M&F. i always used to park in timon, but i rarely seem to get there when it's open anymore. i've just decided to screw it and go straight to M&F now.


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              Re: Structure vs Lion King

              I dont think Ive ever even parked in the timon lot. Ive alsways gone to the m&f structure cause its easier. I exit the 57 on ball and just keep going straight. plus it is shaded and looks cooler. We play a game where everyone in the car guesses what level were going to park on and the winner gets churros from the losers. Its great. You should try it!
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                Re: Structure vs Lion King

                I always park in M&F, I don't mind walking to the far corner if I have to, but rarely am I ever stuck that far away from the escalators. I like that it's a structure and therefore has shade.


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                  Re: Structure vs Lion King

                  M and F is just closer. Usually I get stuck far down the row and away, but lately I've been able to go over a row or two to get a lil closer.
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                    Re: Structure vs Lion King

                    I thought our APs were only good at M&F? Maybe that was just when they were trying to get us used to it?

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                      Re: Structure vs Lion King

                      When I first read the title of this thread I thought, "What do a men's clothing store and a Disney movie have in common? And why would anyone want to vote on it?"


                      I like the Timon lot. I'm rarely at Disneyland during the summer, so the heat/shade thing isn't an issue. Plus it just seems a lot closer and quicker than M&F. I hate it when I go to Timon and then get send over to M&F.

                      But then, I'm kind of spoiled because "way back when" (i.e., before DCA) I used to sneek in the Cast Member entrance and park in the prefered parking area right next to the ticket booths. :whistling
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                        Re: Structure vs Lion King

                        Does anybody ever remember when the pinocchio parking lot was located right in front of the ticket booths and main entrance of Disneyland. :clap: I remember when my dad would pack the whole caravan of a family in our station wagon, driving to Disneyland and being able to walk from our car in the pinocchio parking lot right to the main entrance. That was always the best anticipation before actually getting into the park. ) AAAHHH the memories.... :gladsad:

                        But back to the topic on hand...I just head straight to the MF parking structure because chancing to be able to land a parking space at the Timon Parking lot is slim to none. Besides, castmembers told me 2 years ago that this parking lot was no longer going to be used but rather was going to be part of DCA expansion with a new e ticket ride. Of course that was two years ago and now we are finally getting info that DCA is thinking about putting in another PIXAR themed ride (Cars) into DCA.
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                          Re: Structure vs Lion King

                          Always, M&F, I just like the layout. and the shade. however, i rarely ever get put any farther back than 8H. and i am usually on goofy or mickey


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                            Re: Structure vs Lion King

                            I like to park the car in the shade.


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                              Re: Structure vs Lion King

                              I like the M&F cause its much nicer and I like to go to the top of it and look at the view od DLR.I never knew how many tree's were in disneyland till I went up there.Its a good view
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