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4 day single park ticket to park hopper for last day?


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  • 4 day single park ticket to park hopper for last day?

    We’re about to go back to Disneyland Resort for the first time in two years. Which really felt like eternity! We will be going for four full days. I don’t typically like to park hop the first few days, what I’d like to do is do Disneyland, Disneyland, DCA, then park hop on the last day. Is it possible to upgrade a four day single park pass to a park hopper on the last day?

    Also, any advice on having Maxpass would be really appreciated. I just can’t decide if that would be worth it.

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    You can certainly upgrade to a parkhopper on the last day of your ticket. However, I don't think that upgrade is discounted or prorated in any way, so you'd end up paying for a 4-day hopper regardless.

    As for maxpass, there are two separate use cases to consider:

    Photos: if you want to be able to download all pictures that Disney takes of you (both photographers and on-ride), add maxpass to the ticket of ONE member of your party. Link all your photopasses to that person's ticket. For a 4-day visit, this is basically paying $60 for Anaheim's version of 'Memory Maker.'

    Fastpasses: if you want to be able to have fastpass superpowers, then you've gotta shell out the $15/day for everyone. The value of that comes down to your touring style, how aggressively you experience attractions, and how much extra walking you're willing to do. If you're like me, then I'd say $15/day is well worth it to be able to set foot in the park and immediately grab fastpasses for fantasmic & world of color & space mountain, and to be able to grab a fastpass for another ride as soon as I enter the fastpass return line for another.

    That said, the $15/day/person adds up REALLY fast on longer trips and with large parties. On my last visit (with a 2 year old and two >65 year olds), we only put maxpass on one ticket (for photos) because the trip was going to be slower-paced and mostly focused around non-fastpass attractions.
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      Wow, that’s some great info, thank you!


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        More thoughts/clarifications:

        Adding park hopping to any 1-day ticket is $50 (regardless of value/regular/peak or adult/child). Adding park hopping to any multi-day ticket is $55 (regardless of length or adult/child). If you want to upgrade to a parkhopper for the last day of your trip, they're going to charge you the same $55 as if you had just bought a hopper in the first place.

        Regarding maxpass, it's also worth noting that you have two different ways to buy it. You can purchase it when you buy your ticket, which auto-applies it to the full length (i.e. $60 for a 4-day ticket). You can also purchase it in the app on a day-by-day basis. Either way it's $15/day, there's no savings if you buy it up-front with your ticket. Depending on the nature of your trip and the days of the week, the day-by-day approach might be worth trying. You get a lot more bang for your maxpass buck on more crowded days, as lines are longer and the advantage is more pronounced.


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