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Smuggler's Run score in Oga's?


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  • Smuggler's Run score in Oga's?

    Hi everyone,

    I remember a while back that Iger was saying your score would follow you to Oga's. Did this ever get implemented?

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    not that I have seen. A lot of the role playing that was promised was never implemented.
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      It's all Chapek's fault. He saw Galaxy's Edge not as an immersive experience, but as another place to aggressively push merchandise.

      He sees Disneyland the same way Pressler and Harriss saw it: a giant outdoor shopping mall, not a show celebrating yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy. Chapek needs to be ousted now and replaced by someone who cares less about overpriced souveniers and more about actually putting on the ritz.
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      • Disneyland, Summer 2003 (plus Legoland, SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Model Railroad Museum, and Knott's Berry Farm)
      • Disneyland, December 26, 2004-January 2, 2005 (mom's 40th birthday at Plaza Inn; New Year's at Disneyland)
      • Disneyland, July 2005 (Pre-Disney Cruise visit)
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      • Disneyland, July 1-4, 2009
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      • Disneyland, November 2011 (dad's 50th birthday)
      • Disneyland, June 2013
      • Walt Disney World, July-August 2013 (plus Universal CityWalk)
      • Disneyland, June 7-8 2014
      • Disneyland, December 27-31 2014 (mom's 50th birthday; my tenth visit)
      • Disneyland, Summer 2015 (plus Universal Studios)


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        Originally posted by jimcreel View Post
        Hi everyone,

        I remember a while back that Iger was saying your score would follow you to Oga's. Did this ever get implemented?
        No, cut from the budget along with several other (previously advertised) elements of Galaxy's Edge. You can use your MFSR score and complete missions and such to earn kingpin status in the "star wars datapad" section of the Play Disney Parks App, but there are absolutely no real-life consequences or impacts of your actions (aside from making lights blink on control panels).


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          I have earned $700,000 gc with over 140 flights on the Falcon. This has never changed my experiences at Oga's
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