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Leia and Rey sabers in Galaxy's Edge?


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  • [Question] Leia and Rey sabers in Galaxy's Edge?

    Hi everyone,

    (I wasn't sure how to search for existing topics, my apologies for a repeat post if one already exists.) Wondering if anyone's gotten confirmation that Leia's saber will be available at Dok-Ungar's soon? I've read rumors that it'll be available as a legacy option this year but nothing beyond a rumor and no timeframe was offered.

    I've also read that they won't be offering Rey's yellow saber hilt as an option because the setting for GE is between TLJ and TROS, so Rey's saber wouldn't have been built yet. That makes sense to me but also seems odd that they'd deny themselves an obvious sales opportunity like that.

    Figured I'd check here amongst the experts. Thanks in advance for any help with this!
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