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Thoughts on an interview from the planning of DCA 1.0?


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  • Thoughts on an interview from the planning of DCA 1.0?

    I came across this on another website. It’s interesting to note what is said. What does everyone else think?

    excerpt from LaughingPlace: “Well the sun icon, just being on its own, works on its own. But now that we add the heliostats to illuminate it, it adds another level of intrigue. It actually adds that kind of quality of California art and science. You put all that together with a little bit of technology – technology that we had a company in San Diego actually build all the software for it. It’s a neat thing. With the sun icon, I’ve been doing things – trying to create architectural gold is very difficult to do. So every time you paint it, it doesn’t look very inspiring and everything else fades away until we found titanium. Look at it, it has a gorgeous color to it. It’s a very rich, warm color. It has a kind of a timeless quality to it also. It will be timeless. It’s never going to change for the next 500 years. There are a lot of subtle colors to it. I’m hoping it becomes just as strong an icon for this park as the castle is for Disneyland. -Tim Delaney
    To all who come to this place of dreams, welcome. Disney California Adventure celebrates the spirit of optimism and the promise of endless opportunities, ignited by the imagination of daring dreamers such as Walt Disney and those like him who forever changed- and was forever changed by- The Golden State. This unique place embraces the richness and diversity of California... Its land, its people, its stories, and, above all, the dreamers it continues to inspire.--Robert A Iger.

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    The sun icon was, while kind of generic, was definitely timeless. However, it just wasn’t strong enough as it’s own symbol for the park to stick around. Definitely a lot of descriptors and admiration for the sun :/


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      It, like everything in DCA 1.0, was an okay first draft concept that should've been expanded on or given more flourish. Instead of spending money to make it truly an icon, it was cheaped out on and given an elaborate "show" backstory- which doesn't make it any more appealing to look at or awe inspiring. It's the same reason all the rocks and junkyards in Galaxy's Edge are lame. No one cares about static trash, no matter how much you want to tell me it means something. It's visually uninteresting to have a bunch of stuff just sitting there in a cluttered dump.

      "Oh that's cool, I guess, you made a garden sculpture sun out of titanium... does it light up or do anything? I mean, it is the center of your new park. No? Okay... wait there's only six rides in this park?!"


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