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  • AP fast pass set up

    I tried to look at fast pass times from home, learned you must be at Disneyland but, check in at the gate or in DTD?
    parking structure? at what point can you set up a fast pass?

    and, after getting a long wait time, I later saw a message that I could set up another pass between.....

    what other nice features am I missing?

    and, setting up a fast pass, you can't look up and see the time until just before the pass comes up and can enter, was it 5 minutes before?
    when I remember I do a screen shot, or we later can't remember the time... esp when it is hours out....

    is there a trick to that?

    I've finally figured out where my fast pass is when I set up the friends pass, hers shows first then I did not know where to find mine and, neither did any cast member I asked..
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    I am assuming you are referencing MaxPass, as FastPass can only be obtained at the FastPass distribution machines.

    Your ticket/AP must be scanned into one of the parks to select a MaxPass time. You can obtain another MaxPass 1 1/2 hours after receiving your current MaxPass or at the start time of your current MaxPass, whichever is earlier.

    You can look up the return time in the Disneyland app under My Plans. Likewise, it will show you when you can obtain another MaxPass.

    A nice feature is that if someone cancels their MaxPass time, that time becomes available for someone else to claim.


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      should have said, using the AP fast pass feature

      I had not known you could cancel a pass once it is set up... when i have tried to look up the pass time, I can't find it.. how would you cancel it?


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        I think there may be some confusion? Fastpass in general is a feature is included with all tickets. There is no AP-specific functionality related to Fastpasses. The functionality wherein you get the fastpass from your mobile device instead of a physical kiosk in the park is called Maxpass. This is included in Signature Plus, but can be added on to other APs or park tickets. Maxpass also does not have any AP specific functionality in terms of how to use it.

        If you have a fastpass return time already and want to cancel, go into the My Plans area of the Disneyland app and click on the FP in question. There will be a cancel button.


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          I guess the trick with MaxPass is that the second your ticket is scanned for either park you can start using it, doesnt matter if the park is open yet or not. So we usually get our first fast pass a half hour before the park opens. As long as your ticket has been scanned, you can get fast passes whenever the time comes anywhere. We get most of our passes while at our hotel down the road while we take a break.
          f you didnt know already, you can get your next fast pass as soon as half hour (if its a pass now or within 30 minutes) if its a later fast pass, past 30 minutes, itll be whenever time that fast pass is. If you pass is past an hour and a half away, that is kinda the cut off for how long you have to wait.
          You cant have two fast passes for the same ride active. The second that you scan your phone at the ride, it goes out of the system and you can order the fast pass for the same ride (if you wanted). When a ride goes down, you obviously get a multiple experience which will show you what ever rides you can ride with the pass. You can go 5 minutes early, and 15 minutes late without causing a hassle.
          If you didnt know, refreshing the page for fast passes could provide sooner or later passes, as people cancel often and more become available. Things like Fantasmic, or WOC do not affect your fast passes so you can order those at the same time as any other FP.


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