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First Aid at Disneyland?


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  • [Question] First Aid at Disneyland?

    I'm curious to know what type of first aid/medical services are available at Disneyland? Any freebies such as band-aids? Does Disneyland have on sight triage? Does Disneyland ask for your medical insurance card before any type of treatment? I heard Pepto Bismol is available behind counters. Just wondering what I have to lug to the park....and what may be available to purchase? Any information about first aid/medical services would be welcome! Thank you! gail

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    I have gone to the first aid station with friends so they could get band-aids or moleskin for blisters and such. No charge, and the CMs are wonderful. Not sure what else they can offer, though. I carry my own painkillers for my somewhat-frequent headaches, but I think I've been told that they'll give those out, too (the painkillers, not the headaches lol). Have a good time!


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      Last time I looked the First Aid station was staffed by RNs, so it will go above the normal first aid care. I do not know what you can get for free and what they have to sell, but if you have a minor problem then by all means go and ask. If there is a medical incident some where in the park you might see one of the First Aid workers pushing a wheel chair with stuff on it being escorted by security. They staff if very nice but I hope you do not need to use them.


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        You probably won’t need a medical insurance card for treatment provided directly by Disney’s First Aid. But if they need to send you to a hospital or other outside treatment it would be a good idea to have this on you, depending on the situation. If it is trauma due to the fault of Disney (slip and fall, ride malfunction, etc) Disney will most likely foot the bill. If the trauma is strictly the guest’s “fault” (sudden onset of flu or migraine, or heart attack etc) it might be a good idea to have your insurance card with you if you wind up going to the hospital. Good thing is the closest hospital to Disneyland is UC Irvine Medical Center, which is owned by the state of California so you may have better access to certain programs if your insurance does not adequately cover the cost of care.


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          One part of Disneyland I'm happy to say I've never seen.


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            I feel Disneyland Provided good service by Disney’s CM First Aid staff
            as long the park been around......
            But they do take record why one is there ....even for a Band Aid.
            That First Aid goes
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              I fell and sc my knee once and went it 1st aid at DCA. She did a good job, teasing me a little to make me relax a bit. She took care of my wound in a professional manned though. The bandaid and antibacterial were no cost, not sure though if Disney can slip it on to their list of cost overruns for their price hikes.

              Her tease was that I could explain to my wife that Captain Hook was chasing after me and I fell trying to escape his cluches, which my daughter thoroughly laughed at the story.
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                Bandaids, Icepacks, none prescription medications such as Tylenol and Pepto Bismol are things I heard they will give you free of charge but it might be best to just have those on your person as they take up lil room and it's more convenient to just have them on your person. I have not been to the facilities in Disneyland but I unfortunately know in DCA they have a full triage area with 4-6 beds set up. Our first visit with our girls my wife contracted a norovirus and was so dizzy and nauseated that after all morning spent in the bathroom she went to the nurses station behind the Oswald Gas station and was there for a a couple of hours, they gave her water and crackers, checked her heart and tempos etc. She then returned to join us and tried toughing it out but then the symptoms returned again and she found herself unable to walk she was so ill. I had to flag down a security CM and they came and brought her a wheelchair and as a family we escorted her to the nurses area backstage and I saw the triage first hand it was much nicer and more equipped then I expected and after we determined she was not going to be able to return to the park the nurse gave us all free passes to return another day and a Disney CM took us backstage and drove us back to the D-Land Hotel where we were staying. All free of charge. I think they realize that if there is an emergency even a very minor one that it is in their best interest to take good care of their guests versus neglecting them and facing possible legal issues.
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                  OP, was there something specific you needed? First-Aid is staffed with RNs. I’m not sure if they have ALS or BLS capabilities but they know what they’re doing. As for freebies, I gotta be honest it’s weird if someone wants a free band aid , IMHO.. maybe just be a prepared guest and have some basic first aid supplies in your bag? Good luck.


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                    CFA has registered nurses. They can give you, as others said, ice, bandaids, etc. Basically minor treatment. If you have nausea, they have a sugar syrup. (Pure sugar is actually good for nausea. Try about seven Pixi Sytx to settle your stomach.)

                    If necessary, they can call an ambulance to take you to the local hospital.

                    Just so you know, nurses have different training than first responders. Nurses are trained for a controlled environment, while first responders are trained for the chaotic field. I attended a lecture by an ER doctor and he said he would never do field work. Not enough control! lol


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                      At the Enchanted Chamber, the small store to the left of when you enter Sleeping Beauty's Castle (not BBB) they sell small, travel-sized Advil, Tums, Tylenol, etc. You just have to ask the person working behind the counter.
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