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Indiana Jones, guests dress up


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  • Indiana Jones, guests dress up

    Visited Disneyland this last Sunday and just wanted to thank the many guests I saw dressed in Indiana Jones theme outfits

    the costumes were great!
    a lot of safari and tropical and combinations....
    I would have run around taking pictures but thought it might be rude... what is the etiquette about that?

    saw several large groups all wonderfully turned out and many my age or older....
    we sat for some time watching people passing by, "OoooOOo look at that one.... "
    full safari, safari with a leopard skirt... a fez, robes, hiking boots... pith helmets with tropical foliage....
    so impressed by the variety and creativity!

    thanks everyone!
    you really complemented the Adventure Land theme!

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    Happy 25th anniversary Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. It's a very good ride at Disneyland and it's among my top 5 favorites; the others being Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, The Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean.


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      It was Adventure Land day last Sunday at DL. They are doing it again next weekend at MK in Florida.


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        Thank you for the link!

        haven't been on the ride for some years, too rough on my neck....

        but I remember it fondly

        realized one day, feels like whiplash later...
        I plan to start yoga this year


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