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  • [Fun] Taste, Eat or Toss...

    With all the bad news hitting the parks ( and world ) I thought it might be fun to start a fun thread based on the popular FMK game.

    So Taste, Eat or Toss, those are the three to chose from to pair with the following:

    Dole Whip

    Here is my thought as an example.

    Taste - Beignet
    Eat - Churro
    Toss - Dole Whip

    There is no right or wrong everyones opinion is valid.
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    Taste Churro
    eat dole whip
    Toss beignet and hope it leaves a bunch of powdered sugar on a certain execs bald head
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      I will always eat a churro.

      As for beignet vs. dole whip, it definitely depends on the season. If it's a scorcher out, I'll toss the beignet and taste the dole whip. If it's cooler, there's no way I'll taste a dole whip.


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        I'm easy to please and I get these at some point of every visit.
        Churro - Eat
        Dole Whip - Eat
        Beignet - Eat
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        • #5
          Taste - Chicken and Ribs
          Eat - At Big Thunder Ranch BBQ
          Toss - Galaxy's Edge
          Big Thunder Ranch > Galaxys Edge


          • #6
            I like all of these and agree that Dole Whip is a no go in the cold, but if I do it as a ranking then

            Taste: Beignet
            Eat: Dole Whip
            Toss: Churro

            But really only because I can easily get a churro elsewhere.
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            • #7
              Taste: Beignet (Good but not amazing).
              Eat: Churro (I even prefer these to authentic churros I have had)
              Toss: Dole Whip (I don’t understand the fanaticism)


              • #8
                Taste- Dole Whip
                Toss-Beignet(I thinkII had them before)
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                • #9
                  Taste: churro
                  Eat: Dole Whip
                  Toss: beignet


                  • #10
                    Taste - Churro
                    Eat - Dole Whip
                    Toss - Beignets

                    While I can certainly have my own churro, I usually just find myself a snagging a bite of two of my wife's as we hurry from place to place. Ordering a Dole Whip comes with the added bonus of sitting to enjoy it in either the Tiki Room or Tropical Hideaway so I'll take my time with that one. I never did understand the hype for the beignets, just not my thing I guess. I'd much rather order a Mint Juliep but doing so can be a pain with so many folks in line for those damn beignets, hah!


                    • #11
                      Taste - Churro
                      Eat - Dole Whip (but add rum)
                      Toss - Beignets


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