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  • [Fun] Fast Pass, Stand By, Bulldoze....

    Since the other one with food seems to be successful I thought I would throw out a version for rides using the same FMK system...

    So the rides for this one are Space Mtn., Thunder Mtn., Matterhorn

    Which of those would you:
    Stand By

    Here is mine to start:
    FP - Space Mtn.
    Stand By - Thunder
    Bulldoze - Matterhorn

    Disneyland Fan since the 70's

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    You're a monster, Starcade. How could I even choose one of these to bulldoze?

    I want to make something perfectly clear: Space Mountain is my favorite of these three attractions. While I always find myself riding Space, I seldom find myself on the other two. That said..

    FP - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    Standby - Matterhorn Bobsleds
    Bulldoze - Space Mountain

    I am thinking outwards from myself and thinking of both others and the good of the park in general in making this decision. While Space is my personal fave, I feel like I just can't justify the loss of either other. They bring charm to their respective areas of the park and offer up more "unique" experiences for families. Space has also had some questionable changes done to it's exterior and queue that make me long for days of old so maybe instead of missing what was, it would be healthier to simply let it go completely. Tomorrowland as a whole needs to be leveled for the most part, anyways.

    I think the queue for Thunder is more detailed so I was tempted to pick it, but I feel like that area can be miserable on a hot day and the switchbacks can be deceptive with the new layout, making you think you're closer than you really are to boarding. So I'll go with Matterhorn's queue because the Fantasyland area is charming, the sounds of yodeling and howling of the wind/yeti are iconic and the mountain itself/queue provides more shade/protection from the elements.

    I know that's way more information than you asked for but buh-bam! There it is. Thankfully and hopefully, none of these will be getting bulldozed in the near future.


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      I'm gonna have to go with starcade on this one. Space is great with fastpass, thunder line always moves fast, and matterhorn hurts my rear, neck, back, everything.


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        FP: Space Mountain
        Standby: Matterhorn
        Bulldoze: Big Thunder (there are copies)


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          I would never bulldoze any of these. I don't ride the Matterhorn but it is the heart and soul of the park. Anyone who grew up trying to spot the Matterhorn from the 5 before getting to the park would agree!
          "I wish they all could be California Bears!"


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            Matterhorn is a landmark !
            Soaring like an EAGLE !


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              Same as you, Starcade! However, when I think of bulldozing the Matterhorn, I more or less envision a replacement of the entire track with a smoother, more modern roller coaster feeling. Keep the bobsleds and the mountain, but that track needs to stop causing people so much pain!


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                I like all of them the way they are.


                • #9
                  FP space mountain
                  stand by btmrr
                  Bulldoze Matterhorn and hope there's a specific exec in it while doing it!!!! I don't really want him dead just for clarification!!!!
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                    Space Mountain is worth a FP
                    Big Thunder can be waited on.
                    Matterhorn might be the first steel-tracked roller-coaster, but it aged like milk rather than wine. No amount of new Yetis and carts is going to fix the bumpy track that needs a major makeover. Otherwise, they'll have to take out most of the thrill with brakes.


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                      Originally posted by nickdean707 View Post
                      I'm gonna have to go with starcade on this one. Space is great with fastpass, thunder line always moves fast, and matterhorn hurts my rear, neck, back, everything.
                      Those were actually my reasons as well.
                      Disneyland Fan since the 70's


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                        FP: Matterhorn
                        Standby: Big Thunder
                        Bulldoze: Space Mountain


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                          FP: Space Mountain- the other lines are usually doable.
                          Standby: Big Thunder
                          Bulldoze: Matterhorn- In hopes of a bigger, better, less crippling version
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