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POLL: Will Marvel Land become Pixar Pier 2.0?


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  • POLL: Will Marvel Land become Pixar Pier 2.0?

    With limited info coming from Disney about Marvel Land and Bob Chapek running the parks for the entirety of its construction, are you at all concerned about the new land? Will it be incredible, or will it be a flop?
    I think its going to be awesome!
    I'm worried they will cut too many corners.
    It will be a disappointment like Galaxy's Edge, but worse.

    The poll is expired.

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    I think they've learned their lesson after Galaxy's Edge.


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      Until I see otherwise I have to judge current management's decisions on their recent history. That being said... I am keeping my expectations to a minimum.
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        Personally, I'm going to leave my expectations at the minimum due to the fact that Pixar Pier and Galaxy's Edge were below my expectations. I think marketing/social media handled Avenger's Campus all wrong, I feel like there's going to be a massive amount of people who are expecting a full-fledged Marvel theme park with new rides. They will be surprised to find out that there are only two rides at opening: a screen shooter video game experience and an already functioning ride that is a rehash of a popular drop tower dark ride....these aren't actually breakthrough, creative experiences that I expect from Disney. I feel like Marvel Land needed at least one brand-new thrill ride (e-ticket) at opening.


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          I think the average guest will not be prepared for how small the land is. Commercials will hype it up to be the grand experience, but honestly, the Bug's Land footprint was tiny. It was a small land in a small, landlocked park. I'm curious if there will really ever be the new E-Ticket expansion, but until then, this is a small area and I'm expecting a minimal experience.


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            I still feel like Avengers Campus will be delayed into summer or later. While the Coronvirus is a factor, the land's construction was delayed by 3 months, which already throws a wrench into the plan.

            It's also not a good sign, that there is noticably less concept art for AC compared to Galaxy's Edge and Pixar Pier. What gives?

            To be blunt, if things are not up to par for fans or financial expectations, then I expect heads to roll. Keep in mind, that this is Marvel's 1st full fledged land in a Disney Park.
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              You didn't include my answer. My choice would be I was already worried when i first saw the concept art. A weak attraction with a brewery and meet and greets is not exciting. Especially for a Juggernaut like Marvel. Oh I forgot they also reskinned an attraction that isn't even facing the land.
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                Actually, it will be awesome! We never usually get 2 new lands back to back anyways, so that is a plus!!
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                  The E-ticket behind the avenger HQ will be cut or delayed for longer time then I would like.


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