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  • [Chat] The Candy Cane Inn

    i've looked at pictures and watched videos on the Candy Cane Inn and i think its a pretty nice hotel especially for what you get with your stay. i want to stay there on my next trip.
    as anyone stayed at the Candy Cane Inn?
    how was your experience?
    would you stay there again?

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    Absolutely!!! It is our family's favorite hotel to stay at when staying multiple days at the park.


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      Definitely would not recommend. Those walls are paper thin. God help you if you are on the bottom floor and there are a lot of children above you! I would highly recommend the Hyatt House, Springhill Suites or the new Cambria on Katella. Worth the extra money imo.


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        We stayed there about 4 years ago and had an awful experience. I do not recommend it. The hotel Indigo around the corner on Katella is much better when you consider price, amenities, free parking, customer service, quality of room, bed, etc.


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          i know a lot of people like it but found it very mediocre at best. My room was a but dated and worn...not "bad" but certainly nicer properties IMO on Harbor like Holiday Inn Express, Courtyard and Fairfield

          Been there twice and not planning on going back.

          Their free breakfast however is one of the better ones on Harbor.


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            Cool..the more people post how "awful" it is the better for my family and I to get a reservation...:-)


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              Here is the review that I posted on another website after our stay at the CCI. It explains in detail why I dislike this place and do not recommend it to anyone.

              Earlier this month my wife and I stayed at the Candy Cane Inn. We had heard good things about the Candy Cane Inn here and other websites and we were looking forward to spending a couple of days while visiting Disneyland. We booked a king room and checked in on a Sunday afternoon. We stayed in Room 139.

              Monday morning we got up early to be at Disneyland when the rope dropped to get a jump on the day. We had a great time but around noon it always seems to get busy so we like to go back to the room in the early afternoon to rest and take a nap. And that is when the trouble started.

              It was extremely noisy there. The GM later admitted in an email to me they have a storage room nearby. Renting out a room when your guests are likely to have a bad experience is a really poor way to run a business in my opinion.

              The house keeping staff there were constantly rolling the carts they keep their supplies in back and forth in front of our room. It sounded like jack hammers cutting up the side walk so I called the front desk and asked them if they could get the workers to quiet it down so we could get some sleep. The front desk person was apologetic and said they would get right on it.

              I called and complained about 4 times over the period of about an hour with no positive results.

              So about 30 more minutes go by this time and I call again. The person I spoke with this time seems tired of my complaints. He said they could find me another room in the hotel if I didn't like the one I had. Only problem with that is I'm supposed to be resting and taking a nap on vacation. Another problem is when my wife goes anywhere, she packs like we are going to be gone for months instead of a few days. And when we get to a hotel she unpacks everything and it is a big production to get it all packed up again. So I tell the guy all of this and I ask him is it possible he could get the people just to quiet it down a little bit or was that impossible?

              He said he would try to fix the situation. So I hung up and nothing changed. The place was as loud and miserable as ever so we just gave up and laid there in bed mad on our vacation. After a little while we got up and went back to Disney, more tired than when we left earlier in the day.

              So the next day comes and it's the same thing. Tons of noise and we could not take it anymore. So I called the front desk and told them the story, again, and said I needed a new room.

              So we packed everything back up and moved half way done the walk way to the next room. The room was also dated but it was quiet so we figured our troubles were over and we could now enjoy what is left our little vacation in peace.

              So the next day we go to Disney and come back for a little rest in the afternoon. My wife and I are in bed and all of a sudden the door swings open and a guy from the hotel is standing there staring at us in bed. We do not have a lot of clothes on. I expressed a few choice words towards him and he stood there for a moment and said sorry and then said something about the sink then he left. I didn't complain about the sink so I have no clue what he was doing in our room.

              I went to check out and, once again, asked to speak with the General Manager. The gentleman at the front desk said he was not in but he was one of the managers and he would be glad to assist me. So I tell him about the noise and all the calls and so on. Then I tell him about the guy who came into our room. The manager, named #### I believe, said that the employee should have knocked several times prior to entering the room and #### apologized for his behavior. I then asked #### what the GM's name was and he said ##### #########.

              Later that day Mr. ######### called me and apologized for the noise in the room. He also emailed me but made no mention about the employee who entered our room without permission or warning while my wife and I were in bed so I brought it up with him and expressed my feelings about it and the awful treatment we received at his hotel.

              Mr. ######## then suggested something about a discount on a future stay and I informed him we would not be staying at Candy Cane Inn again. Please note in the future, when your guests get turned into a peep show, in there room, they don't want to hear anything about a discount on a future stay.

              He made no offer of a reduction in rate due to what we had to endure at his establishment so I expressed to him my desire for a reduced rate on our stay or a comp on the days we had extraordinary problems. Mr. ######## said he could give me the manager's special of 109 dollars per day from the 136 dollars per day, I had already paid, but could not comp me anything but he would check with someone else about it. Mr. ######## then said he would get back to me later concerning this matter. That was on January 7, 2016.

              Today is January 28, 2016 and I have yet to hear back from Mr. #########. This was the worst experience I have ever had in a hotel in my life.
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                I stayed at the Candy Cane for 4 days last November. Is it slick and new? No. Is it well maintained, clean and comfortable? Absolutely. I personally had no problem with noise. Would I stay there again. Absolutely. For the price and location, it's hard to beat.


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                  I like the Best Westerns in the area. Harbor drive or Katella.


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