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Can we get an official Zombie Apocalypse at Disneyland RPG thread going???


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  • Can we get an official Zombie Apocalypse at Disneyland RPG thread going???

    Day 1:

    It's been 3 hour since the zombie apocalypse broke out at Disneyland. I raided the pretzel carts and the pineapple smoothies stand presented by Dole next to the Tiki Room. Holed up in splash mountain sniping zombies with firearms looted from dead security personnel. Zombies control Toon Town and Frontierland but we're holding them off at the border of Critter Country and Adventureland. Main Street is a war zone. We have been tricking zombies on to the tracks of Matterhorn and running them over. I'm heading out to steal some giant pickles and carbonated beverages. Wish me luck!

    45 mins later:

    I successfully made it to the nearest stand and swiped some giant dill pickles to take back with me to Fantasyland and hide in Alice In Wonderland and drink Mountain Dew and I met comedian Sinbad and he was buying a giant pickle and I was like "yo Sinbad! Let me get an autograph!" and he was like "naw man, I'm with my kids...I'm with my kids dawg..." so I left.

    1 hour 15 minutes later:

    The time is 4:40 and I took over Tom Sawyer's island with a group of like 20 Japanese tourists and this nice couple outta Delaware. Zombies can't swim but they can float so we just set the river on fire. I would kill for a carne asada taco salad.

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    Sinbad was just buying a big ol' pickle at the pickle stand.....


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