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  • [Fun] Build a New Version of the Resort

    Thought this could be a fun little distraction: design a fun, fantasy version of Disneyland & DCA with one caveat- you can only use pre-existing lands/rides.
    That means you can drag in stuff from Paris, Tokyo, or Florida that exist or were replaced, but you can't add new things* that haven't been built!

    *I'll let Avengers Campus slide but it's the version that's close to done- without the supposed Wakanda E-Ticket (that I don't think will ever actually happen now.) None of the Epcot updates are usable either except for Guardians Coaster.

    I'll start:


    Entrance and Main Street stay the same except for one tweak- the Disneyland Gallery/Moments with Lincoln is replaced by Runaway Railway.

    Fantasy Faire is the same, but the Castle now gets the Dragon's Lair Experience from Paris. Pixie Hollow is replaced by Dragon walkthrough's exit.


    Tarzan's Treehouse is removed. Everything else remains the same.

    New Orleans Square

    The Dream Suite becomes The Disneyland Gallery. Otherwise, the same.

    Critter Country becomes Discoveryland

    Journey to the Center of the Earth & 20,000 Leagues from Tokyo DisneySea migrate here as the rides along with the Zephyr from DCA. There's one main gift shop styled as the Imaginarium. Hungry Bear is replaced by a series of fun food fair kiosks a la the Food & Wine Fest.


    Great Moments with Lincoln and Country Bears are rotating stage shows inside the now expanded Golden Horseshoe. (Literally, the stage rotates between the two on the main stage at 4 separate points during the day while live performers handle all the intervening hours.)

    Splash Mountain moves to this side of the River, across from Big Thunder's exit, along with the Davy Crockett Canoes. Big Thunder's entrance is rotated toward Zocalo more to prevent a path cluster.

    Tom Sawyer Island

    Frontierland Shooting Gallery & the Treehouse are moved here.


    Everything but Space Mountain removed and its queue rerouted through old Magic Eye Theater/upper Starcade building.

    Space Mountain's concrete heli-pad outside reinforced for Astro Orbiter to be placed on top of it.

    Tron Coaster built into where Buzz Lightyear used to be.

    Spider-Man: WEB Slingers replaces Star Tours/lower Starcade buildings.

    Flights of Passage (restricted to the science experiment/ride part minus the rest of Pandora) built where Innoventions/Autopia was.

    Epcot's Space 220 serves as main dining spot instead of Alien Pizza Planet, the Ant-Man microbrewery replaces Galactic Grill as the quick service spot.

    People Mover built without central spine, instead entrance is down the old Space Mountain ramps.


    Alice in Wonderland Hedgemaze goes into current Matterhorn plot.

    Matterhorn slid back and to the right from where Swan Boats/part of lagoon was. Scandinavian village theme used in the new queue reinforced with Norway/Arendelle from Epcot's Frozen Ever After built around it. The caramel shop as well as the old Stage 17 fake snow/Olaf trading post are included in place of the viking stuff.

    Toontown leveled and Fantasyland expands into it with Tokyo's trackless version of Winnie the Pooh, Ariel Under the Sea ride & meet and greet, Goofy Sky School, and the Animation Academy.

    Galaxy's Edge

    Same as it is now except Star Tours replaces the pointless TIE fighter just sitting there & the "secret" Jedi Academy is added where the pointless speeder junkyard is.

    Pixar Park

    Obviously, we start with a name change reflecting the sacrilege that's about to take place.

    The Boardwalk/Pixar Pier

    Buena Vista Street is replaced by The Boardwalk section of Pixar Pier (the carnival games, food stands, bandshell, and Pixar Shorts Theater from Epcot) intermixed with the grand clothing/gift shops, lockers, and Starbucks necessary to any main street.

    The "neighborhood" concept is played with. Each film's zone is dovetailed off, kind of like the Flower Alley on Main Street. The Boardwalk encircles the centrally repositioned lagoon where World of Color plays & the Pal-A-Round serves at the central icon there with the Pixar Ball replacing Mickey's face.

    Lamplight Lounge is positioned on the south side of the lagoon, essentially where the Starbucks currently is, and Luxo is moved to on top of it's entrance.

    Monsters Inc. gets a cul-de-sac with their dark ride (that is now using Roger Rabbit's track/concept over the dull Superstar Limo one) and Laugh Floor (which faces the main drag of the boardwalk.)

    a bugs' land is brought back as a neighborhood eliminating the need for an Inside/Out section- which is reduced to Bing Bong's shop on the main strip & an Angry Dogs kiosk that moves to "seasonal operation" within a few weeks.

    A Municiberg neighborhood off to the right, just after the modern Incredibles' archway, gives us the Incredicoaster, Jack Jack's Cookies, and some of the smaller themed elements from Hollywood Studios in Florida, it's more "city-like" atmosphere gives way to a French area for the Ratatouille ride which feeds into a small park area that leads back to bugs land.

    Toy Story

    Toy Story's rather large neighborhood adds the Slinky Dog Coaster & Rodeo BBQ Restaurant from Orlando to Midway Mania, Alien Spinning Saucers, & Critter Carousel.

    Finding Nemo/Aquatic Institute

    Finding Nemo gets a big spot on the lagoon as elements of the Living Seas' aquariums and the Nemo ride (no submarine version) are brought in along with Jumpin' Jellyfish, Crush's Coaster & Turtle Talk. Aquatopia from Tokyo is brought in and queue's out of one of Nemo's aquarium institute/Living Seas buildings- the ride itself occurs in a section of the lagoon. That chowder spot on the wharf gets reworked into here.

    Cars Land

    Positioned off to the left where Hollywoodland currently is. Pretty much the same except the land is turned so that when you walk in Mater's would be on the right, and a Junior Autopia replaces Mater's little spinner.

    Wilderness Explorers

    The Wilderness Explorers trail/playzone feeds back into the waterfall path that takes us to the River Rapids Run. Since there's no theming anyway, other than a bear-faced mountain you can't really see, we'll just eliminate the mountain and go with the generic Wild Rapids part and loosely group it with Up. Along with the Skyliner, which has Up balloons painted on it now and takes you across the park to a station in that Lil' France/bugs land green zone. Inside the Skyliner building is Soarin' Around the World. Phantom Manor is tucked back here too, shrouded in mystery. Tusker House & Nomad Lounge from Animal Kingdom migrate over here to the Wilderness replacing all the wine stuff/Carthay as classier adult bar/food options.

    Tower of Terror

    This orphaned ride is positioned to look like it's part of Downtown Disney & a hotel neighboring the Grand Californian, but faces into this park and is less visibly decrepit on the outside. The monorail track is repositioned to drive into here- and have a stop!

    And there we have it- a completely overstacked Disneyland paired with a super niche, barely subdivided second park!

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