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    My family and I returned from four days at DLR at the end of February. Instead of writing a huge trip report I’m just going to post some of my thoughts on DLR and the changes that have taken place in the two years since I was last there.

    Might as well start with the biggest change, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Before I experienced it myself I had been a very vocal critic of Disney’s decision to make this a niche place in a specific timeline of the Star Wars Saga, but after being there for myself..... I’m even more dumbfounded they made this colossal mistake. I’m a massive fan of Star Wars and I know it inside and out, but without having previously reading that SW:GE was supposed to be “Batuu” and the “Black Spire Outpost” there was very, very little in the land itself that made that clear in any way. Certainly not for your typical Guest. I would bet nearly anything that you could have interviewed a thousand Guests walking around SW:GE and a significant portion probably couldn’t name every Star Wars feature film much less the order they go in, so trying to be so specific to a certain “storyline” is completely and totally wasted on the vast majority of Guests.

    That said, my thoughts on the new land are that it’s really pretty awesome. I loved all three entrances, I love that Critter Country is no longer a dead end. I loved the wide open feel of the concourses, I loved that it increases Disneyland’s park footprint so significantly, I love how secluded from the rest of the park it feels, I think the Millenium Falcon was jaw-droppingly cool and I wasn’t expecting to be quite so wowed by it in person, I think MF:SR is a fun ride and about what I expected, but most of all I think that Rise of the Resistance is absolutely spectacular and as amazing as anything that Disney has ever done. I LOVED it. The only knock on RotR for me is that it doesn’t have a “weenie” to give it a visual icon, but then again, neither does PotC. But I could hardly believe what I was experiencing several times during the attraction, it’s truly mind-blowing.

    A couple other quick thoughts:

    • I actually liked Pixar Pier (which surprised me) and I think the Incredicoaster is an improvement on California Screamin’.

    • The temporary scrim on The Haunted Mansion was awesome looking.

    • We just missed Soarin’ Over California, which sucks because it’s MUCH better than Soarin’ Over the World.

    • The new section for the DLRR is really beautiful.

    • Flo’s V8 cafe for breakfast is a really great value, excellent food for relatively low price.

    • It was quite crowded, even getting into places like the Carnation Cafe was hard.

    • No Mickey Mouse pancakes at Riverbelle Terrace was annoying, but I quite liked having them at the Red Rose Tavern.

    That’s all for now. I already miss it and I can’t wait to go back.

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