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The OCR: Construction Stopped & New Project Permits


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  • News The OCR: Construction Stopped & New Project Permits

    The Orange County Register has published two pieces of information regarding construction in Disneyland.

    First some bad news. The OCR has confirmed that construction in the parks has stopped for Avengers Campus and Mickey's & Minnie's Runway Railway, from the Coronavirus outbreak.

    Now for the interesting news. The OCR also reported that Anaheim had awarded $9.4 million of work permits to the Disneyland Resort. While some projects were known and/or current ongoing ones (Mickey& Minnie's Runaway Railway, Space Mountain's new emergency staircase, Mickey's House), there are a few new ones:
    • A $100,000 “crown castle” antenna cell site on the roof of a building in the new Marvel-themed Avengers Campus.
    • A $7.5 million attraction building with offices, restrooms and break room for cast members. Referred to as Building 6205, the 120,000-square-foot site sounds like the location for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway behind Mickey’s Toontown.
    • Refurbishment of Indiana Jones Adventure attraction. Previous permits revealed Disneyland crews would replace a plank bridge and its steel structure in the show set of the Indy attraction and refurbish rockwork. The latest permits call for the replacement of a motor control center and work on the lighting in the motion-base dark ride.
    • A $200,000 renovation of Disneyland’s Frontierland entrance. The project calls for the widening of an existing bridge and the replacement of a pair of 15-foot-tall faux wooden gates and a 16-foot-long marquee.
    • A $350,000 reroof of the Cider Mill and Blacksmith shop on Tom Sawyer’s Island. The work includes the removal and reinstallation of a scenic prop platform. The rustic building on the tip of Tom Sawyer’s Island serves as the centerpiece for Disneyland’s nightly Fantasmic water show.
    • A $115,000 reroof of Mickey’s House in Toontown where visitors meet the famous mouse and pose for photos.
    • A $1.1 million Space Mountain emergency exit exterior staircase.
    • Electrical and lighting work in the Westward Ho Trading Co. retail shop in Frontierland.
    • A $30,000 shade canopy in the Simba parking lot used by Downtown Disney shoppers.
    It make sense that the Frontierland entrance will be redone, as it's the only "entryway" in the plaza that was not been affected by Project Stardust.

    Keep in mind, these upcoming projects might be affected by the Coronavirus Shutdown. Meaning they could be delayed, have their budget be reduced or get canceled.
    Disney has halted construction on the Avengers Campus themed land at Disney California Adventure and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway dark ride at Disneyland during the coronavirus closures of t…

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    Did I read this right? That new staircase cost 1.1 million dollars at space?!? Doesn't that seem way too expensive for what that is?


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      Originally posted by Tapdawg View Post
      Did I read this right? That new staircase cost 1.1 million dollars at space?!? Doesn't that seem way too expensive for what that is?
      Yea...I would do it for at least half that :-)


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        Per this week's Disneyland News MiceChat article, there are also permits for the installation of a "picture box" at The Haunted Mansion.

        My optimistic side hopes this is for a "changing portrait" in the foyer, as in WDW's Haunted Mansion. That would essentially add a new show scene to the experience, at little cost.


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          1.1 million sounds high, but that’s about how much a 4 way traffic light costs. Although stairs seem much less costly, no electronics or timing. Maybe there is a black project in the works, like how the military pays for some of the crazy top secret stuff.


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            Being the fact they are emergency stairs, may require them to be up to California's safety and earthquake code. This is a possible reason for the high cost.


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              I’d love for them to fix Tom Sawyer’s Island (or is it still Pirate’s Lair) and let kids go up in the tree house and rebuild a usable fort.


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