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How do pass payments work on their last month?


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  • How do pass payments work on their last month?

    So we did the pay by month plan, our passes were (originally) set to expire mid-April, do you have a payment on your last month or was that paid when you first got them or, how does it work exactly? I can't recall how it was last time our passes expired.

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    April would be the 13th month, so assuming you didn’t renew, you will not be charged again.


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      Check the copy of your contract when you signed up for the monthly payment. It'll have the date of when the payment per month is due. As Ttgal4 said, you would've already fulfilled the entire payment before your pass expires so you shouldn't expect anymore payments.

      With the resorts closure due to Covid-19 and the parks not having a reopening date, your expiration date is gonna get extended so your new expiration date will be given once they're given the ok to reopen. No additional payments for monthly will be required during the extended period

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