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Pointless, Unnecessary and Unneeded Ride Effects


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  • [Fun] Pointless, Unnecessary and Unneeded Ride Effects

    In the spirit of April Fools Day and to lighten the mood with some positivity, here is a thread for some humor.

    You've been tasked to add extremely unnecessary effects to park attractions. This is something no one in their right mind would agree on approving. The more ridiculous an idea is, the better.

    Please no mean spirited posts relating to existing changes to rides. This is a thread for humor.

    I'll start off:
    1. Mark Twain ATV STYLE!
    Midway through your journey on the Rivers of America, the boat will encounter a large swath of bumpy and muddy terrain, blocking the river. No worry! The boat will drive itself out of the river and drive across on the land on newly built 4 wheelin super truck tires, before having a splash down ending!

    2. Radiator Springs Racers I-5:
    Now with a special new ending, your car will now divert out of DCA and onto the I-5! Enjoy a wonderful non-stop round trip to either San Francisco, Sacramento or even Stockton! No food, beverages or bathroom visits are available unfortunately.

    Feel free to post as many as you want!

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    True Life Radiator Springs Racers. Add 40 more cars to the track. The first half remains the same but when you leave Radiator Springs to race, you instead come to a stop as Route 66 joins I-15 to the unload area.
    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.


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      Mickey Mouse inserted into a random moment of every ride (even and especially Space Mountain & ROTR) to interrupt and say "It's me, Mickey, mascot of the Disneyland Resort, making sure you're having a wonderful time."

      Large fire torch spewing a massive flame upward at the entrance of Adventureland. Large oil derrick spewing oil up into the air at the entrance to Frontierland.

      Way more ball lights and intermittently firing lasers on the Peoplemover bridge in Tomorrowland.

      Pixar Ball on Pal-A-Round that occasionally makes a loud, ominous bouncing noise.


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        My wife is the rebel spy.


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          Originally posted by Darth Scottie View Post
          Yes, it's a city next to Sacramento. The last time, I was there 2004 or wasn't a glamorous sight.

          No offense to Stockton Residents...


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            Monorail with an added loop at the Esplanade area...
            I am old. But still love Disneyland.


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