If you have a treadmill or elliptical, or even a stationary bike, at your disposal, do I have the workout for you!
I tried to do the new RunTheImpossible Disney Parks Treadmill series but was saddened by the lack of the classic sounds of Disneyland, instead replaced by awful workout music.
Instead, I turned to FreshBaked's Disneyland walk acoustic walk-through.
Should you choose to walk it, the whole thing is about 2.7 miles (with the route and backtracking in the video). The video itself is an hour, but can easily be split into halves or quarters.
If you'd like a shorter walk and choose to opt for the RunTheImpossible, but still want the Disneyland musical experience, I have a Spotify playlist of all of the best of Disneyland theme music, featuring some Disney classics that fit with the theming or that I've heard around the park, to accompany the video as you walk.
I did the FreshBaked walk today and it was honestly quite fun and helped me get off the couch for once.
I hope you're all safe and healthy during this time, and I hope you enjoy this. Share your experiences about these with me, I'd love to hear them!