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Sounds That Make You Think Of Disneyland


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  • Sounds That Make You Think Of Disneyland

    Today I was installing electrical wiring in a wood building. The drill I was using was slow speed - high torque and the bit was a 'Ship Auger' type. It looks like a spiral and when it was drilling, it made a sort of 'clicking' sound, very much like the chain on the last life of Pirates.

    Brought a nice smile to my face.....

    A few days ago, I was in a 'Zoom Boom'. This is a 4 wheel device that has a boom like a crane but instead of a hook at the end, it has a basket you stand in. This particular one had a 4 cylinder gas engine that sounded just like the engines on Casey JR and the Jungle Cruise boats.

    Another nice smile......

    What everyday sounds make you think of DL?

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    When I hear the Southern Pacific clearing the Salt Creek Tunnel across the valley I picture the E.P. Ripley leaving New Orleans Square.


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      I have some air refreshment sprays that remind me of Disneyland.


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        the bleach in washer at work reminds me of Pirates, esp when the back room is hot and humid

        I do that too... a neighbor has a car that reminds me of the old motor boat ride

        I will often hear a sound that is so similar to a sound at DL...


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          Crows cawing makes me think Haunted Mansion
          I am old. But still love Disneyland.


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            When any old fashion bell rings, it reminds me of the bells on Disneyland Railroad.
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