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Adapting the Disneyland Show to the Presence of the Virus that Causes COVID-19


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  • Adapting the Disneyland Show to the Presence of the Virus that Causes COVID-19

    While screening guests with one or more tests for the virus is likely going to be the main way Disney's international-travel destinations return to operating more normally, some redundant measures may also be desirable.

    Walt Disney Imagineering, for instance, should design dispensers for hand sanitizer so that the off-the-shelf Purell hand-sanitizing stations the company procured, and quickly installed, before the closures can be removed.

    Guests should also be able to find free disinfecting wipes in many locations and facial tissues in the restrooms.

    All backstage crew members, including cooks in the kitchens, ought to be outfitted with masks and similar protective equipment.

    The wardrobe for the cast members appearing on stage is a bigger challenge. The standardized mask these individuals might possibly wear would, preferably, be transparent so that the guests can see the faces with a minimum of obstruction. However, specific facial coverings that are designed for each costume would also be nice.

    Big Thunder Mountain's prospectors, miners, and bandits might wear bandannas, for instance, while Adventureland's costumes could incorporate head scarves or hijab. And, Tomorrowland may add whole helmets and facial shields.

    Giving the custodial department real costumes, such as the turn-of-the-19th-Century kind that used to be worn by the street sweepers on Main Street, U.S.A., would also be a good way to make the sanitation procedures an integral part of the show.

    Lastly, I would give all guests complimentary masks in a variety of styles that are unobtrusive. Wearing them probably shouldn't be mandated, though, because they are just a redundant measure. However, they ought to be interesting enough, visually, for people to want to wear these items.
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    I have a feeling that the 'look/the show' of safety measures are going to be a low on the priority list. And on honestly, I don't think it should be a priorty at the moment either. I rather have them spend funds on quanity of supplies vs stylistic quality.

    In addition, having the Adventureland CMs wear 'hijabs' may be a PR disaster, as it could lead to complaints of accusing DLR of culture appropriation. And for being hypocritical, after the Grand California Hotel employee lawsuit, (which was caused by an employee being denied to wear one in a front end job, without 'proper attire').

    If the board's chatter is true, then I don't see "face characters" returning anytime soon. This includes the miscellaneous characters, like the citzens of Main Street or the roaming face characters in Galaxy Edge. Costume characters will still likely appear, but only in 'distanced entertainment', like park openings.

    Entertainment may simply be Mickey Mix Magic with no fireworks, or 'moving entertainment', like the rainy day cavalcade. I see all stage shows and parades, halted for the moment.
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                    The video attached to this article is disturbing for two reasons.

                    First, of course, is the fact that Andrew Bolstein, the S.V.P. of Operations, is being interviewed while he, himself, does not wear a mask or maintain a minimum of six feet of physical separation from the interviewer. This behavior does not inspire confidence. In fact, the conduct leads me to believe that the pandemic is not being taken seriously by Disney management.

                    Second is the utter disregard Shanghai's operation seems to have for showmanship and for theatre. None of the adaptations seem to be concealed by, or integrated into, the show.
                    After three and a half months of closure following the initial outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus, Shanghai Disneyland has reopened its doors to visitors.


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