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Surviving Imagineers who worked for Walt


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  • Surviving Imagineers who worked for Walt

    How many Imagineers who worked for Walt are still alive?

    By my count we have a total of 5:

    Bob Gurr
    Alice Davis
    Richard Sherman
    Rolly Crump
    Orlando Ferrante

    In the last couple of years, we have lost some great ones:

    Blaine Gibson
    Marty Sklar
    X Antencio

    Hopefully when this covid pandemic is over, Disney can record a panel with the last of these living legends, especially since Rolly Crump was never invited by Marty to any of the panels in the last 10 years, they didn’t have a good relationship.

    am I missing any more imagineers that had an Imagineering relationship with Walt?

    Also I would love to know your favorite Imagineer, under Walt or not, mine is Rolly Crump.

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    There are plenty more, they just don’t have name recognition.


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      Some other names:
      Dick Nunis- Former President of Disneyland

      Ron Dominguez-Former VP of Disney Attractions

      Don Iwerks-Past Executive, worked on Circle Vision 360

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        Not sure Nunis or Dominguez qualify as "Imagineers."


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          Originally posted by Right Down Broadway View Post
          Not sure Nunis or Dominguez qualify as "Imagineers."
          Correct, Nunis and Dominguez were Walt-era DL management; they did not work in WED.

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