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  • Fire on the mountain?

    This happened several years ago in DL, I'm thinking 2012? 2014 maybe? I've wanted to ask about this since it happened, but somehow I'm always forgetting to ask. So, I was there chaperoning a high-school choir group. It was after dark, right at/before the beginning of the fireworks show. We were waiting on the TL side of the Matterhorn to get into the FL theater for the awards ceremony (don't worry, you're not missing anything worthwhile lol). I was chatting with a couple of the smarter students when I looked up and saw ...well, a fire, on top of the Matterhorn. Like, a real fire. Campfire size, I'd guess. I pointed it out to the guys I was talking to, and they saw it too. We pointed it out to the choir director, and he saw it too. Seemed really weird to all of us.

    Does anyone know anything about this? Is it part of the show? Doesn't seem like it would be really visible, from far away anyway. Has anyone else ever seen it? Maybe it was a one-time thing, but I've never read anything about it.

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