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What Attractions Won't Open? How would you change them?


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    Issue each guest an N-95 mask and some goggles?

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  • What Attractions Won't Open? How would you change them?

    Hello all,

    With rumours abound and the opening of the Shanghai parks I thought it would time for a nice little bit of armchair imagineering and speculation. I think we all agree that things like the fireworks show and fantasmic are probably off the table for awhile. However, I wonder what your thoughts are on certain rides, which ones may not open because it would be almost impossible to physically distance, or if they did physically distance the ride itself would then be so hampered in its operation it would not be worth running. How would you fix some of them? What are some rides with portions people may not have thought about?

    Here are some of mine.

    GoTG - lots of people probably think you can put a family in each row, but rows are very close together front and back, you would probably only be able to use four rows a vehicle, front left, back left, front right, back right. Would they open the ride with this very limited capacity?

    Storybook Land Canal Boats - With a tiny queue, and no means to physically distance other than having a single family per boat do they even open? Any thoughts or ideas?

    Tomorrow Land Subs - Same as above, the boarding process, the enclosed space with lots of people, do they even bother opening?

    Here are some outliers that I wonder about in terms of solutions....

    The tiny queue spaces in all the Fantasyland attractions, how do they have social distancing here without that lend becoming a clogged mess? Thoughts?

    HM's stretching room, again a small enclosed space with little room for social distancing

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