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Monkey Windchimes from Pioneer Mercantile / Mandala Gifts ?


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  • [Question] Monkey Windchimes from Pioneer Mercantile / Mandala Gifts ?

    Hello! Has anyone seen this bamboo, monkey windchime for sale in the parks (or anywhere else) recently? I've not been to the parks in a few years - and always meant to pick this little guy up. With everything going on, I thought it would be nice to track one down online (if possible). Not sure if a DeliverEars-type option will be up and running again anytime soon, but I'd like to know if its even still for sale in the parks (prior to the recent closures).

    I've found a close approximation on Amazon, but not sure it going to sound the same. Have not seen any on Ebay... but. Any info or advice on how to obtain one is welcome! Thanks!
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    Well.. I found it! The merchant confirmed that they previously supplied these to Disney. If anyone else is on the lookout for this... I received mine a few days ago and it's great! A little bit of missed Disneyland... sort of. But exactly what I was looking for!


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