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Hong Kong Disneyland Sets Annual Pass Procedure Following Reopening


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  • Hong Kong Disneyland Sets Annual Pass Procedure Following Reopening

    Lots of juicy info to digest here. Here is what will happen over there for Annual Passholders.

    Affected Magic Access memberships will be automatically extended by the number of days of the Park closure (between January 26, 2020 and June 17, 2020), minus the number of blockout dates on weekdays applicable to the respective membership tiers, plus an additional 30 days^. Magic Access memberships that expired before January 26, 2020 or new membership cards issued on or after June 15, 2020 will not be extended. We will continue to review this practice to ensure existing Magic Access Members enjoy their membership privileges and may make adjustments as appropriate.

    Affected Members can continue to enjoy member privileges with their existing membership cards and renew memberships anytime at a later date.

    ^Affected Magic Access memberships may be extended by 174 days for Platinum Members, 167 days for Gold Members and 164 days for Silver Members. The extension will be counted from the original expiry date printed on the back of the membership card.

    So it sounds like they're giving everyone 30 days bonus, but that, along with the # of usable days lost during the closure, will get added on at the end of the pass. I'm still unclear as to whether blockout dates will still apply depending upon your pass, during the remaining time and the extension time. But perhaps so, meaning the lower level passholders would actually be blocked from visiting if Disneyland Anaheim reopens in July.

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    I would think they will keep all blackout days and procedures the same. I could see them for the AP flex pass to pick a park instead of allowing both on the same day. Park hoping could get a bit tricky if they are trying to keep social distancing in effect. Unlike WDW where park hopping is a pain we all know in CA park hopping is super easy.
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      I am still waiting to hear if over here in CA will we have our AP's charged and the expiration counting down during the transitional period where most of us will simply be not able to visit the park do to limited access and reservations. I can see many people who have top tier AP's who can normally go everyday or all but the last weeks suddenly finding themselves never being able to get a reservation, yet still find themselves paying their monthly and watching their AP's continue to expire being very frustrated. My hope is they do the right thing and either done you a day off your expiration for every day you go during the transitional period or simply pause the expiration count down to your AP during this time. As long as they did either of those I think even if they begin to charge guests most would be fine with this.
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