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Am I obsessed with Disneyland?


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  • Am I obsessed with Disneyland?

    I wanted to step away from all of the virus and political/racial talk, and bring up something that I've thought about quite often.

    First of all I'll give my Disney background. My parents took us kids there twice growing up, once when I was six, and where CAP is now was just a parking lot, and again in the early 90s when I was in high school. Both times we only did one day. However, we grew up loving Disney movies and products, and I took a liking to Donald since I grew up mostly in Oregon as a Duck fan. Also, I had a Winnie the Pooh bear when I was very young, so I've always had a sentimental connection to him.

    Years later, after I was married and we had two young daughters, my wife had never been so we planned a grand family reunion there, but ended up just meeting my brother and his family, who used to go almost every year. We did seven days, as they still sold those ticket packages back then, and we were hooked. Ever since then we go every few years, and always meet my brother and his family. So my kids have grown up going somewhat regularly.

    We were upset when they stopped selling 7-day tickets, so been doing only 5 days ever since.

    Whenever we have a trip coming up, as we do next year, I tend to think about it ALL the time, and I have scheduled on my calendar the first day I can call to make hotel reservations. I'm constantly watching Youtube videos about park walkthroughs, "secrets", I go onto google maps and just scroll over the park sometimes. Am I obsessed, or does anyone else identify with me on this?

    I love the place, but I also think it's a lot because of my children, and all the memories we've had with them there. I'm a pretty sentimental person, so that probably feeds right into it. It's not my main hobby or anything - I'm a pretty avid college sports fan and I play a lot of video games and read - but we do tend to spend way too much money on it. We collect pins, usually have pre-ordered all the movies to get the lithographs, we've got several "special" collectible dolls, tea sets, bronze Darth Vader, etc. Recently, since my kids are older and one is leaving for college, we did a very deep spring cleaning, and I was shocked at how many Disney toys and stuffed animals we'd collected over the years.

    I'd like to think that most on here are like me in this, as we're all here because we love this place. What is your level of obsession?

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    I still enjoy talking about the parks, going is both fun but exhausting. It's just been too bust the last 4 years for me to care to go

    Love the History of the place, and seeing video's of whats going on and will go back if this virus has finally make the parks slow on weekdays.

    My level compared to the hardcore fans is maybe a 7 but to a normal person im a
    Happy Halloween!!!


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      I think all of us that come to this site are obsessed in one way or another.

      I see myself as more a fan of the park than of the films. I was an adult before I saw most of the films the fantasyland rides are based on so my connection to those stories is more in the truncated ride retelling than in the cinematic experience. Quite a few of my family’s vacations as a kid were to DL so I like to think in a way I grew up there. It’s influence on me is something I can see every day. I’ve been lucky enough to take my kids on trips and let them have those memories that I had down there too.

      My home office has its share of DL decorations. Some park exclusive funko pop figures and the LEGO Main Street train station have prominent displays. I have park specific artwork framed up around my house like ride posters and the 50th anniversary park map. My fridge is covered with Disneyland magnets from past trips, and my bookshelves are packed with art and history of the parks.

      My annual Halloween decorations are inspired by HM and have custom built animatronics (hitchhiking ghosts) and projection effects (singing busts).

      I have other hobbies and interests as well. I’ve done a fair amount of traveling to places that aren’t connected to Disney at all. I enjoy working on cars. I also love cycling and have done some long distance rides in the Pacific NW.

      So while I don’t think my DL fandom defines me, it’s definitely part of me.

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        I'm a little obsessed, I'll admit I'm always checking the Disney newsfeeds and trying to learn even more. The Disney Parks, and by extent, the company, are so rich and full of history, it's hard not to get hooked! I got into Disney when I was young (as most of us did) but I always wanted to learn facts about the park to tell my mom on yearly trips. I've learned a lot over the years... and here we are! I'm still fairly young, and always go out of my way to pick a Disney-related topic when I get to pick what I write about in school. Disney isn't my only interest, but it's the one I'm most passionate about.


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          I am obsessed with Disneyland, Ive always had fond memories of going when I was a kid and now taking my teenager, we both love the park. I enjoy looking into the history of disneyland and other Disney parks and enjoy making timelines of the parks. I also like to play sports, watch basketball and travel.


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            I use to be obsessed with Disneyland
            Thanks to the type of Leadership ,that runs the area today, lots of Magic is gone !
            I learn there more to Life than Disney.
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