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My pass isn't showing up on my Disneyland app any more?


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  • My pass isn't showing up on my Disneyland app any more?

    I don't remember the last time I had checked on it, but I decided to give the app a look today and my pass is no longer showing. It says it is linked to my account when I try and link it, but my pass is otherwise not showing up any longer. Our passes were set to expire mid-April, our last payment was in March, so they should just be extending them but this is making me think that they ended up just expiring like normal and that's not ok...

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    When this first Looked like it was going to continue beyond the original 2 weeks, Disney gave an option to postpone your pass, or get a refund and your pass would expire on the normal date. The default was to get the refund and your pass would expire. If you didn’t call and ask to postpone your pass, you probably got a refund in your pass may have expired. The refunds were automatically given a couple of weeks ago.


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      Never got a refund either though.


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        maybe they will add the time you didn’t receive in July. You could always call, but it’s difficult to get through. Maybe there is a chat option.


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