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Disney college program resumes?


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  • Disney college program resumes?

    When do you all feel Disney will unsuspend the Disney College Program? With July 17 possibly opening Disneyland, do you feel they are going to let those that applied in Spring for the fall program take part in it?
    The Never Spoken Dedication at the Opening of Pixar Pier:

    The world you have entered was created by The Walt Disney Company and is dedicated to California—not a place on a map, but a
    state of mind that exists whenever people seek nostalgia and wonder and imagine, a place where the original California Adventure vision and atmosphere are brought back to life by Pixar's vibrant color palette. We invite you to travel to a bygone era of the early 2000s at California Adventure and explore a land that never was, and always will be.
    -(Maybe) Paul Chapek

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    Saw something on Twitter today that the CP won't resume until the DLR has recalled all regular CMs. Makes sense to me.


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      Former DCP that was doing it during this past season (just my luck huh? Get accepted and Disney does the one thing it NEVER does, close down for an extended period of time). But anywho, I have a feeling the College Program won't be resuming until at least next year as I don't see the possibility of the parks re-opening until around November at the earliest at this point. I know that sucks, but as we are witnessing now, states have been re-opening only to have to re-close after a very short time, and the numbers are far worse now then they were in April and May.


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