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Disneyland and Unions in Agreement


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  • News Disneyland and Unions in Agreement

    Per the Orange County Register:
    A coalition of unions representing more than 11,000 Disneyland cast members have reached an agreement with Disney on bringing employees back from furlough in preparation for the now-delayed reopening of the Anaheim theme parks.
    Disneyland cast members, Disney parlance for employees, will receive two weeks sick pay if they have a confirmed case of COVID-19, according to the union agreement.

    Employees will be required to conduct an at-home COVID-19 assessment before heading into work and will be provided a thermometer, under the agreement.

    Cast members who must work within 6 feet of Disneyland visitors will be provided a plastic face shield.

    MiceChat, a Disney fan website, says Disneyland cast members are concerned about how they will afford treatment if they contract COVID-19 at work.

    “Keep in mind that most of Disney’s employees make minimal pay,” according to MiceChat. “They are being asked to put their lives on the line for Disney’s profitability, without assurances that they’ll be taken care of if they get sick as a result.”

    Disneyland has begun recalling workers to prepare the parks for reopening. Cast members concerned about their safety can decline the first recall notice and continue to remain on furlough and receive benefits, according to the union agreement. Disneyland employees who decline a second recall must go on an approved leave of absence or face termination.

    The union agreement stipulates that full-time and part-time employees must be called back before Disneyland’s college employment program is reinstated.

    [UFCW] Local 324 submitted a letter to Disney demanding further health and safety measures for Disneyland employees before the Anaheim parks reopen. Those issues include:
    • On-site COVID-19 testing for employees
    • Company protocols for enforcing the mandatory mask policy with visitors
    • Employee procedures for handling confrontations with irate visitors who refuse to wear masks
    • Extra cleaning protocols following a positive COVID-19 diagnosis by an employee
    Testing cast members for COVID-19 could give a false sense of security, Disney labor relations director Bill Pace said in a letter to the unions.

    “The existing COVID-19 testing is not viable as a screening tool and not recommended by the FDA to be used in this way,” Pace said in the letter. “The best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 according to the CDC and WHO is to focus on physical distancing, wearing effective face coverings and hand washing and sanitization. This continues to be where we are focusing as well.”

    Disney’s new Guest Experience Team will be available throughout the Disneyland resort to explain the new COVID-19 health and safety protocols, answer questions and encourage visitors to follow the rules.
    The unions are hosting a Disney Caravan for Safety on Saturday, June 27 that will encircle the shuttered Disneyland and Disney California Adventure theme parks.
    The new Disneyland COVID-19 health and safety protocols for visitors include:
    • Reduced capacity in the parks
    • Required face coverings for visitors 2 years old and older
    • Temperature checks for visitors prior to entering the parks
    • Physical distancing throughout the parks
    • Increased cleaning and disinfecting, especially in high-traffic areas
    • Additional handwashing and hand sanitizer locations
    • Contactless payments at shops and restaurants
    Health and safety guidelines for Disney employees will include:
    • Required face coverings and temperature checks
    • Adjusting work practices to promote physical distancing
    • Increased cleaning in work areas
    • Encouraged to stay home when ill
    I'm glad an agreement was made and I hope the two parties will be copacetic or near as they possibly can.
    Full Article listed below, which I had to edit down, due to its' size.
    A union letter to Disney demands further health and safety measures for Disneyland employees before the Anaheim parks reopen.
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    I’m glad they’re pushing back the opening to be more prepared and protect the Cast Members. Thank the Unions cause this is a step in the right direction. Poor Cast Members, I’d be so scared to go back! I wish them the best, the deserve lots of love!


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      Good! I’m glad Disney is taking their cast members lives into consideration.


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