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The Hunt for Uti, the Goddess of Fishing


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  • The Hunt for Uti, the Goddess of Fishing

    On January 8th, 2000, the a-frame supporting Uti, the goddess of fishing who hangs over the entrance to the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland, collapsed. This led to Uti and her canoe being taken down and stored in an area behind Pirates of the Caribbean. Shortly after, she was stolen, presumably by a cast member. Recently, I have made it my goal to find out where she is and bring her home. To launch this search, I have a question for former/current castmembers. Below is the last known picture of Uti before she was stolen and an aerial view of where she was stored. Which of the two buildings circled was the photo taken in front of, and was she ever moved indoors? Thanks!

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    I always wondered about Uti! Tiki room is my favorite attraction and it's so weird part of it went missing! I have a family member who works at Disneyland, and did there at the time. I called her. She worked in Guest Relations at the time ( currently works with the people who help make special experiences for special needs/ make a wish families), and never spent much time backstage. However, when it went missing, there was a big investigation among cast members (especially Adventure Land cast members). If I were you, I'd start digging with the Adventure Land/ Back Stage cast members if you can. I'll keep asking my family member, I've already asked to see if she can reach out to any old friends/ start asking around. I'm fairly surprised she remembered all of this, since Uti isn't a popular Disney Mystery. Must have been a lot of backstage drama!

    I wish you luck on your search, let's bring Uti back home!


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      It should be restored, frankly it should have been restored in 2005 when the attraction went through a major rehab. Surprised as to why it was never brought back


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        Thanks! I’m glad that there was an investigation instead of ignoring it.


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            More on Uti from 2006:


            The beautiful miniature recreation of Uti for the Tiki Room 50th Anniversary in 2013 by Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily:

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