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Disneyland Annual Passholders due a REBATE


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  • Disneyland Annual Passholders due a REBATE

    I've been a Disneyland Annual Passholder and have always had a 365 day pass. They are now named "Signature Plus". My pass is set to expire on 9/30, so I called Disneyland on Monday July 29 to ask for a refund for the time from March 14 to July 17 when they were planning to reopen. (Looks like the state of California and the four Labor Unions have a different plan as of 7/1). I was told that I would get a refund when they reopened. I also asked about their plans to make it so you need a reservation to get into the park. They said they needed to limit the amount of people admitted because of Covid-19. I told them that I paid 1399.00 for my pass but they are making it like a Disney Flex pass where you have to make a reservation to get in. I was told that they had no plans to rebate Signature Plus passholders. WHAT?????? They turned my $1,399.00 (Now $1,449.00) pass into a $599.00 (now $649.00) pass and aren't going to rebate me the difference???? The point is moot now because I don't see entertainment venues opening before October because people can't control themselves and stay home, or wear masks and avoid close contact. Anyway... The point I am trying to make is that people who are passholders with annual passes that are more than the Disney Flex pass need to pressure Disneyland to issue rebates to the LOYAL DISNEYLAND ANNUAL PASSHOLDERS who are sticking in there and want their passes extended.

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    I'm also a Signature APer and very concerned about Disney's response to this problem. I'm hoping it's just a "generic response" since they don't have an answer yet. They must know the total outrage and incredibly bad publicity this will cause if nothing is done to make it right. Hopefully they will come up with a solution. Simply telling people who paid high dollar for a 365 day pass, they now need a (not guaranteed) reservation for entry is flat out robbery.

    I've seen people on these boards state "It says in the terms and conditions you are not guaranteed access into the parks". This may be true, but it's usually referring to days when the parks reach capacity. Since the parks will most likely reach capacity everyday, they need to rethink their terms and conditions. The whole "terms and conditions" argument is not relevant to what's going on. Like the OP said, Disney is essentially charging $1,400 for a $600 pass.
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      I had talked about this in my own thread a few weeks ago, but from the flip side perspective of Flex Pass users, but overall your points more or less match my own.

      Disney's choice (which I blame more on the higher ups than the AP service people since others have already pointed out they seem overwhelmed) to not have clear and consistent information on what's going on, but also staying very "close to the wallet" so to speak, is looking to vastly devalue their passes. With reservations required for all park goers once the resort reopens, and no information on how reservations will be destributed and where priorities are placed, is almost certainly going to lead to AP's across all price tiers getting screwed over in some way shape or form.

      I and others had mentioned if before, but Disney should have honestly taken an approuch similar to cederfair/knotts, and given ALL passholders the rest of the year till 2021 for free, and resume payments and "expiration countdown" then. At least with that method, they could reopen with reservations that are first come-first served, but have that period be completely "off the clock" so to speak, so higher tier guests don't feel cheated cause they couldn't get in during a time they were paying for. Maybe with disney being forced to rethink their opening date, they might decide on something similar. At the VERY LEAST the reservation period shouldn't deplete the life of a pass, and monthly playment plan people shouldn't be forced to pay during months they don't visit.


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        Has Disneyland refused to provide refunds to Signature and Sig Plus pass holders?


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          Hi everyone my family and I have two Signature and two deluxe passes. Our passes expire on August 31st I was happy that Disney was going to open on July 17 but got postpone reason I was happy cause I thought once the park is already open for a month that they may be resumed the renewal in mid-August, My worries is that are we able to renew our passes. Also, this is a question I have does anyone know if they still offer the two options that they were offering, Cause I'm planning to get the second option the one with expire extension? The reason I have not chosen an option cause I was thinking, maybe Disney would be open by June or July giving us time to renewal out passes.


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            I was also charged in March, after the quarantine closure... I keep expecting to see a refund

            like many, I have been out of work (three weeks of poor income then, quarantine again)

            not worth the hour drive, wait to enter the park... to spend the line observing social distancing and suffocating in a mask in the summer heat
            losing the spontaneity most often, friends call and say, "are you free" want to go today, tomorrow?"

            I used to be out in OC, picking up work supplies and decide I have time to visit Disneyland for a few hours

            and, I'm not comfortable in the mask... spent a couple hours doing errands yesterday in the heat, humidity.. in a mask, if was very uncomfortable

            closed attractions, no entertainments, limited dining... hey, we tried that, two hour lines for food the day of the commemorative sipper sales..
            (Disneyland blamed that snafu on a "busy day" " we can't guarantee you a short line for food" LOL no, esp when they use all food sites to see a souvenir instead of selling them at souvenir shops)

            I love Disney, in spite of their shifting political agenda
            and their lessening of care for the park... and guests...
            their various less successful "concept" "edgy" experiments

            and if I were a millionaire, it would be different

            but... I won't be going until things are "normal"

            and, they should not even consider charging me for such an extremely reduced experience...

            in three months, no response to my emails...

            and no point in me renewing when all the friends I go with, have health concerns and will not renew...
            or, are not interested in paying for the loss of features

            **** idea... refund our March fee and, don't charge us until the first time we use our pass....

            we go to Disneyland, we talk, we snack, we roam around... I can't see that in the masks that make communication difficult to impossible, and, making sure we don't set someone off by stepping too close... and, too darn hot in the mask....

            I really miss Disneyland, and all the many visits with friends...
            but, I can't imagine it being anything like the fun it was

            when this flu runs its course, I hope all will be allowed to go back to "normal"
            and it should...


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              A while back I had requested a refund from the closure until my pass expiration (end of June). My refund has now been processed, as of last week. If you still have an active pass I strongly suggest calling and speaking to a cast member before it expires to request a refund for the closure period.

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