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Disney vs. fan ideas


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  • Disney vs. fan ideas

    I've done some research into Disney's licensing process, and the very first thing they say is "We do not accept unsolicited ideas". I presume that's because they don't want to run the risk of lawsuits from those whose ideas they adopted/used. I think that's reasonable on their part.

    But what about ideas for rides and improvements, etc, that we like to talk about here so much? Is the fact that we're publishing these ideas making it impossible for Disney to use them (or elements of them) without risk? I know I'd feel honored if I found that one of my ideas influenced an imagineer or two, and I would swear up and down that I have no interest in being compensated, but that wouldn't mean beans to Disney.

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    Theme park ideas posted on fan media that Disney later uses aren't problematic for Disney. Even if if could be proved that unique and significant elements of the fan's idea were used by Disney, the fan who posted them gives up all claim to ownership by posting them on public media. As you rightly point out, it's a very different situation with unsolicited ideas sent to the Company (which all employees are instructed not to read), or copyrighted ideas published online or elsewhere -- for example on a professional designer's blog.
    "Disneyland is often called a magic kingdom because
    it combines fantasy and history, adventure and learning,
    together with every variety of recreation and fun,
    designed to appeal to everyone."

    - Walt Disney

    "Disneyland is all about turning movies into rides."
    - Michael Eisner

    "It's very symbiotic."
    - Bob Chapek


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      Maybe we need to start posting the opposite of what we want, just in case this is true... so, who else hates original IPs?


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        I know that more than one person can come up with an idea, and this is likely a coincidence buuutttt, a while ago I posted (TWICE!!} about my idea for a replacement of Aladdins Oasis on a veerryy old thread, which was MARCH 2017, and the official replacement “tropical hideaway” was announced FEBRUARY 2018 soo (also ignore my god awful spelling in those old posts, hehe)


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          Disney has stolen fan ideas, t-shirt designs, and even star wars fan made ships and costumes. They give no credit and threaten to sue if you bring it up. Manny an Etsy seller has had to deal with this.


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            You can't protect an "idea." If it's a work of original authorship, then you have copyright whether you posted it to public media or not. If it's an invention, you can patent it. If it's a brand identification, you can trademark it.

            Those are the rules. But it always comes down to reality. If you post a story idea and Disney uses it, can you fund the legal support to take on one of the most developed legal departments in the world? Sad to say, the richest man still wins almost all the time.


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