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Does Splash Mountain have brakes?!


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  • Does Splash Mountain have brakes?!

    So I was looking at this photo of a drained splash mountain (MK's version). It seems like there is a long set brakes under the logs within the tunnel after the drop.
    I'm sort of shocked by this, if it's true.. I've never seen a log ride system that employed brakes before.... (Larger photohere:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Ed9HeOLWoAEJDEr?format=jpg&name=large.jpg Views:	0 Size:	456.0 KB ID:	8623880‚Äč
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    Throughout the ride there are gates that will stop a log in case of an emergency or to keep them separated, but on the drops a different method is needed. When the log approaches a drop it moves onto a track and the log has rollers underneath. The reason is so the log goes down the drop smoothly and doesn't skip like a rock when it hits the water at the bottom, or worse, plow into the water flipping end over end. The braking system in your picture will stop the log in an emergency and/or slow the log so it reenters it's "floating mode" at the right speed. In your picture you can see the last part of the track is sloping downward to smoothly lower the log into the water so it can float again.
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      Thanks for sharing, I never even thought about the engineering involved.


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